My husband surprised me

Ugh constipation. I feel the urge to go poop and this time I am going to wait until it is strong enough for me to push it out and I hope i won’t get truly constipated where I can’t go at all. I can always get enema is that happens.

Today I came home from work and our son was gone again and there was food left on the stove for me. My husband is a good cook and I wish he cook more often and it help me with my diet but his feet give him limitations.

My mother in law took him again because she stopped by to give my husband some medicine for his pain. My sister in law was here too. I am sure they both saw my diapers I had hanging on my son’s crib with his. I am at a point now where I don’t care anymore. I’m not here to see it so it wouldn’t bother me.

I put my pajamas on and made myself a plate. My husband was going to make me one but I told him I had it. Then I sat down on the couch and turned the computer on and started to eat. I was afraid I was going to get some on my shirt so I put on my son’s bib and sat back down. Then my husband came out and sat down next to me. I told him I had the bib on so I wouldn’t get any food on my shirt and he said “That’s okay, that’s what happens to babies.” I told him I didn’t put it on to be a baby, I put it on to protect my pajamas from getting dirty. He told me I was his baby. Then he took the spoon from me and fed me a few bits. I liked it and I can’t remember the last time he has babied me. Then he stopped and went into the kitchen and I kept on eating. Then I got myself some more and decided to have the rest of the rice that was in the bowl. I put the stir fry sauce on it and the vegetables and my daddy made me a bottle. He brought it out to me and put it in my mouth and told me to take it because he couldn’t hold it up any longer due to his feet. I told him he has not babied me in a while and he said it was because our son isn’t here. I asked him why can’t he do it with him here and he said he didn’t want him to see him baby me. I asked him why again and he said he would think it’s normal. I told him “what do you mean he will think it’s normal?” and he said “This isn’t normal” and I said “so, at least it would teach him to be open minded about kinks” and he said “Can I have some privacy, I don’t want him to see our sex life.” He also told me he will teach him to be open minded.

The whole babying me thing is a turn on for him. I just felt secured and loved like he is a good husband.

While writing all this, I did go to the kitchen and put the food away my husband cooked and I took the bib off and I didn’t finish the rest of my bowl because I got too full and I put my bottle in the fridge too. I also pooped in my diaper finally as I was scooping the vegetables into the container and it all stuck to my butt and some of it was stuck inside me still. So when I went in the bathroom to dump the poop out, I had to sit on the toilet to get it off me and then I pooped the rest out and was done. I put the diaper back on again and it was hardly wet. There was a little brown spot from the poop but the diaper is still good and I don’t think I broke daddy’s rule because I did use the diaper but I did take it off but he is sick and I can only take it off when he can’t change me and he can’t so technically I took care of it and I am reusing the diaper than wasting it. I feel so much better for going.


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