Ugh Diaper Rash

I got one at night so I changed into a clean diaper and wiped myself good. There was no sign if a rash in my buttock so I put on a cloth diaper without bothering to put on some rash cream. But at night I change into a clean one before going to sleep and I wet it this morning and then it stung back there. I put some rash cream on down there after wiping it clean.

Then after two I change out of that diaper after wetting it twice and I had a red spot on my butt so I put rash cream there and it stung. Worst of all I can’t even air it out because daddy says I have to wear them and I don’t want to get caught. So I decided I wouldn’t use the diaper and I nearly did as I washed the dishes. I had to hold it and after I was done, I sneaked using the potty.

I did the computer and the rash kept on stinging and then I asked my dad if I can let my butt air out and he said no and suggested I take a bath. I didn’t want to so I stayed int he diaper. Then I decided to just take one.Dad suggested I give our son a bath too.

I took my clothes off and diaper and got my son undressed too and took off his diaper and put water in the tub. When I got in, the rash burned but it felt so good. I wasn’t in the tub long and I got out and got my son diapered first and then I put ointment on my rash and then got dressed. The rash does feel better but I am still not using my diapers. I have decided from now on when I get a rash, I will take a bath and soak my bottom. Diaper rashes suck.

Also I washed my diapers on Saturday night and I my diaper pail is almost full already. Five wet diapers I made. And I have to get more quarters so that be 30 bucks we have spent this month on laundry. I am also thinking about soaking my diapers in the tub or have them get rinsed out as I shower so they be cleaner when I wash them.