Today was a fun…

Today was a fun day. I got up at 11 AM, got on the computer and surfed a bit, gave my son some Cheerios. I cleaned the bathroom wearing a diaper only. I don’t like to get my clothes dirty and my socks wet so I took them all off and was in my bra and diaper only. I cleaned the tub and washed some mildew off the grout and rinsed it all off and the tub too. I washed the sink and toilet and washed the floor. I washed the kitchen floor too and entry floor.Then I put away all the cleaning supplies and took my son out of his play yard when I was through.

My brother and his girlfriend and her brother are in town so they stopped by but they let me know ahead of time and I had them call me to let me know they are coming so they don’t catch me off guard. I had to toss out my used diaper I had in the plastic bag, I put all my cloth diapers in my room, went through my son’s clothes again to get rid of and give to his cousin. I got dressed too and my husband made me wear my diaper. He assured me he couldn’t tell I had one on and it’s just my sub consciousness that is making me think it’s noticeable. I didn’t want to wear a disposable because I like to save on those even though they are thinner and easier to hide.

Then they stopped by and I saw how much my nephew had grown. I took out all the baby clothes my son had outgrown and let my brother go through them. He couldn’t take them all due to limited room in the car. We visited and watched our kids play and I took some movies and photos and then they left. I was surprised to see my son interact with his cousin because he always ignores other kids and won’t interact with them. But my nephew’s (on husband’s side) half-sister plays with him and he does well that way if others play with him and he also interacts with adults but not with other kids his age. I was surprised at how well my nephew played and what he does at his age and my son won’t do pretend play yet. He will line his toys or stack them or put them in one spot or roll a car across the floor and he will put his Weeebles on the spin toy and take them back off or put the Little People in their cars and take them back out and he will put his toy balls in his spin toy and other things too. I am not worried about his development and he babbles a lot but says no real words but he can say mom. he scored borderline in one of the developmental areas and that is between delayed and normal but the nurse wasn’t all worried about it and neither was I. My son is very normal and my husband says so too. He loves to explore and run around and watch people and he loves to climb on me and push buttons on the TV or cable box so I taped cardboard over them. He can climb on furniture now and climb onto my lap to nurse but he still doesn’t lift my shirt up yet. My husband thinks he is entering his terrible twos. He cries more often and won’t lie still as he nurses or stay latched on so I always think he is through. He likes to bite me and pull my hair and I always react to it. He will sometimes pinch me too. He will still cry when he is done nursing.

Then after they left, they called me later to tell me they are eating at our aunt’s and uncle’s and I came over an hour later. I got changed into a new diaper and got my son dressed too and I put in his car seat and brought the high chair along too (one of those portable ones that strap to the chair). I brought some of his toys too and some diapers and a package of wipes and my computer and my wallet with my driver’s license in it and other cards. I saw no point in bringing my purse.

When I got there, I got on the computer and my son walked around the house and played with his cousin’s toys. He even played with the saxophone I got his cousin for Christmas. Then I had some food and we were supposed to eat together but it didn’t turn out that way because the chicken wasn’t done and I was too hungry to wait. I was starving.

I went out to the car and got my son’s high chair and set it on the floor and put him in it. I fed him some watermelon and gave him a brownie. Like his mother, he ate the brownie first and my aunt cut up the watermelon into little pieces. Then he fell asleep as he ate them and their dog ate the watermelon off his tray. Then when my son woke up again, he started to eat the watermelon and I took the tray off and washed it in the sink. I didn’t want him eating what their dog touched with her tongue. I tried to give him more watermelon but he refused to eat it so I gave it to the dog to have. I cleaned my son up and nursed him. He went through his terrible twos again with his crying and not staying latched on and then my aunt and uncle arrived back and he stopped his crying and started to walk around.

I am not sure when I will be going home. It started to rain and thunder out and it ended and I am just busy with the computer and my diaper is still fine. But I am going to be washing mine when I get home and I prefer to do it at night where there is privacy since everyone is a sleep and someone rarely does laundry at night.