I didn’t say good bye

My mother in law took our son again. My husband is still in pain but it’s his back this time. The good news is, he is being sent some paper work for him to fill out so he get disability payments from work for when he is off work due to his condition. Now I won’t have to stress anymore about money.

I came home and I see my husband walking in and he said I was home early. I was not. I asked him where was he and he said he was just saying good bye to his mother and she took our son again. He said she is still out there so I should say good bye but I didn’t want to. I had already walked up the stairs and was already inside. Plus I will see him again.

Because my husband was in too much pain for putting in the car seat, I got to not get my punishment. I was about to get butt sex for helping my dad out with my diaper change this morning. All I did was pull the diaper up to make it tight. So I took off my leaky diaper (stupid defective diaper) and showered after I ate. Now I am in a cloth diaper and in my Hello Kitty pajamas all childless.