Jokes and teasing doesn’t upset me but

when you do it too much all the time, it does.

My husband has been role playing a lot lately and I can’t tell anymore if he is serious or not. I have always taken it all literal and then to find out he was just role playing. Now I don’t know anymore what to take seriously. How am I going to know the rules? The new rules he has, how do I know he was actually serious about those? I am starting to get very frustrated and I don’t know anymore when he is serious or role playing. I can’t just not listen to him anymore because I don’t want to do that in a marriage and then get punished for not listening because I didn’t know he was serious. I told him this morning how is he going to expect me to listen to him if he is not serious. I yelled at him about it as he was changing me. Then he was saying I was cranky and I needed to go back to bed. Made me even angrier because he expected me to take his games well and I am getting so sick of it now. I went through this with one of my ex’s and he didn’t care if I took things literal so he kept on joking and would get pissed when I would take him seriously. Then I stopped taking him seriously and it sucked doing that in the relationship. He just thought that if he joked all the time I would start picking up on. No that doesn’t work with me.

It’s very frustrating to not know when someone is serious or joking when they do it all the time. Then they become my waste of time and I avoid them and don’t want to bother with them. If they are just people I hardly know or people I never see or just acquaintances, I can handle that because they are not people I am with all the time and it doesn’t bother me to not take someone seriously, not believe a word they say, if I hardly ever see them or hardly deal with them. I see it as their own fault because ever heard of the phrase “cry wolf?” That is what they are doing. But if it’s my own husband, I get angry about it. I just wish he would stop and he says he can’t and that it comes natural to him. Well work on it then damn it or should I do some tough love with him to get him to remember every time?

Feeling angry about all this still