I Even had to Wear Diapers on Mother’s Day

It was Mother’s Day and my husband still made me wear a diaper but he made me wear a disposable than cloth. I thought he would let me go diaperless but he did not. We went out to eat when it was noon and it took us a long time to get ready, son had to have a bath, husband had to shower, I had to pick out a nice outfit to wear. I decided on the long skirt and purple tank top. I shower it to my husband and he said he couldn’t tell I had on a diaper so i kept it on.

Then we looked at yard sales after we ate (we stopped at an estate sale on the way) and my husband got me a Barbie dollhouse set and it came with another set too and it was a store set. It was all five bucks and he also got me a Strawberry shortcake doll. I even got a flat screen computer monitor for four bucks and we got my son a potty from IKEA for only a dollar. He got himself some collectable toys and some salt and pepper shakers that are now illegal, it has to do with some drug they outlawed and I don’t remember the name of the drug. He even got our son a couple of books some toys. I think we have enough kindercrap in our apartment and my family and husband hates that word but i love it. it’s hilarious and it’s a word childfree folks use for kids toys. Plus I have a dirty mouth sometimes because I say ass, and crap, shit, damn, and bitch. but I don’t wear like a sailor. I also like to say asshole and dumb ass and husband hates me talking like that around our boy. My dad said curse words when I was growing up and I didn’t go using them because mom would have slapped my mouth if I said any of those words. I once got my mouth slapped at a restaurant when I was eight for saying fuck head. She had warned me earlier that week I would get my mouth slapped next time if I say it and I forgot at the moment when I said the word. Then I remembered but too late. Slap. I actually learned that word from two of my best friends. I found out in 6th grade they both got busted by their grandfather for teaching me that word and it was very hard for my parents to get me to stop saying it. I say fuck now when it comes to sex.

Then I headed to the autism group but I was a little late because we were out looking at yard sales. I wet my diaper there four times, I did one long one but it wasn’t that long. I drank lot of water there, maybe two or three big cups because it was hot out so the group leader had pitchers of water at each table with ice in it to make it ice cold and I drank it. I hardly used my diaper before that because I only went twice and the wettings weren’t that long, more like dribbles. I did another long one when I got back. I stayed in my car and went and then got out.Water makes me go more and a lot if I drink too much. Hot days will make me do it so I wet my diapers more.


Happy Mother’s Day.


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