Daddy Made Me Go Out

My mother in law decided to kidnap our son (not literally, she took him home with her so I can have a break) so my husband and I had a night alone and he made me have sex and I watched Titanic. Then I showered and put my diaper back on, it wasn’t that wet so I put it on again so it wouldn’t go to waste. Yuck eh? Not for me if they are my own.

I got up close to eight since I could not get back to sleep. I wet my diaper as I got on the computer and it wasn’t a very long one. Then my dad got up and told me to go out and have fun. I refused because I had no plans so I would rather stay home and relax. He told me it was my day off from our son and I need to get out and have fun or I will get depressed. I kept telling him I didn’t want to go out and he told me he would punish me if I don’t and I said “baby girls don’t go out by themselves” and he told me his feet hurt.  Then he told me I smelled like pee very bad and I would need to shower. I argued that he can just clean me up and why do I need a bath? He told me I smelled very bad and I needed to shower. I argued with him about it telling him he can wipe me up but he said I needed to shower. Then he threatened to punish me. So I went in our room and he took the diaper off. It tore because I had mailing tape on because the tabs rip out of the plastic so I use tape to keep it snug. Some of the stuffing came out and I went in the bathroom and got in the tub and started to rinse my bottom out. Since I was refusing to shower and was only sitting in the tub and rinsing my bottom out with soap, my dad made me put the plug in and told me if I am going to do it like that, I am going to take a bath and he took my bra off. He gave me a bubble bath. I played in the tub for I am not sure for how long and then I said I was ready to get out. Dad came in and grabbed the towel and I let the water out and got out. He dried me off and I went back to our room and lied on the bed. Dad came back and told me to get a diaper so I did and he diapered me. I demanded baby powder but he told me I would be fine. I was worried about the smell and he told me I won’t smell and I want to save money right? So he uses powder only when I go to work for in case I would smell because people there know me since they see me there everyday. Then he picked out a sundress for me and dressed me up in it. Then I got ready to go. I mailed off my election ballot and waited for the bus.

When I got downtown, I was walking to an area and it was after I got off the light rail. I thought I smelled pee all of a sudden. I knew it wasn’t me because I had just been put in a fresh diaper and only used it once. I figured maybe someone around me had on a very wet diaper and it stunk badly. But the smell was gone when I walked away. I looked in some stores like Goodwill and a music store and got myself Back to the Titanic album and then I went to the huge bookstore. I mostly looked at Titanic books and got myself the book about the James Cameron movie. I even bought myself something to eat there and I used the $5 I got from winning a small lottery with a scratch card. Then I looked in a store that sold vintage toys and other stuff. Then I went to the mall and got myself some ice cream there and then I went home. I felt burned out after being gone all day so I went home. It was after three when I got back.

I was so exhausted I did not want to talk or even be disturbed and I was in a selfish mood so I refused to go get my husband a sandwich. I had just came home and wanted to relax and I felt exhausted. So he went out himself to get it. I went on the computer to relax as I pumped my milk. My son was still gone so I could still have peace. Plus I was also constipated all of a sudden when I got back so I didn’t feel well so it made me crabby. My mother in law came back with my son and then she went out to look for my husband so she can give him a ride.

Then my husband came home with his mother and I just kept snapping at him because I didn’t want to talk and I wanted to be alone. Luckily our son left me alone too because I could not even bother with him. I did nurse him though.

My mother in law stayed for a little bit and then she left and then i was finally able to make a BM and I had to get out a fan because I cannot stand being hot and pushing can make me sweat and the only way to do it is if I had cool air blowing on me so it took me about a minute to put a load in my diaper. Then I sat in it for a little bit and then decided it was time to change it because I saw a small wet spot on the couch and also the pee I kept doing was making part of my skin itch and it was starting to feel uncomfortable. But I had to wait for dad to finish his mission in the game before he could change me. He would have let me change myself but I was too stubborn so I put up with the little discomfort. Then after he was done, he changed me and put me in a cloth diaper. I put my poopy diaper in a small plastic bag and took it out to the dumpster so the apartment wouldn’t smell. I think I should start throwing my used diapers away outside from now on.

Whew , that’s it for this blog. Took me a while to write it because my son kept distracting me Also thank god for auto saved drafts because I accidentally hit the back button and I lost my work. I was about to re type this whole thing but make it shorter because i couldn’t be arsed to type it all out again. Then I remembered the drafts.


One thought on “Daddy Made Me Go Out

  1. I also think it’s ok to put your diapers back on if they are only a little wet why waste a good diaper I love that and I would even like to wear your wet diaper if its a women’s diaper or my own it really turns me on. Just saying it’s not so yucky

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