Noticing Diapers on People

I don’t really pay attention to people’s butts. I am too busy in my own world and minding my own business to even look for a diaper on someone. It just never comes to my head. But sometimes it does catch my attention. I may see a stranger and I then notice a bulge and it looks so obvious they have one on. But it’s an elderly every time. I never notice it with young people or with middle-aged people. I figure the elderlies don’t care if it’s so obvious they have one on because they have a free pass. it’s socially acceptable for them to wear a diaper.

I got off the bus last week and there was this elderly woman who was sitting across the aisle from me and she had a cane. She also looked to be in her 60’s and when she stood up, I saw the bulge in front of her sweat pants and it looked like she had on a diaper. It was hard to tell in the back and no way was I going to stand around and see or even go behind her to look. That be creepy. So I looked as she walked across the cross walk as I was walking to my work building. It was hard to tell and you can still have a butt crack with a diaper on and I was too far away and it was too bright out. Maybe it would have been easier to see if it were cloudy and rainy because it be darker.