New Desire

I do like to air my bottom out when I am getting a rash or have one already. But I don’t like to get up to use the bathroom so I hold it and I sometimes wish I can just go where I am sitting but I don’t want to pee on the furniture. I have thought for a while to get some underpads but I never got any yet. I would place them under me as I air myself out and when I have to go, i would pee where I’m sitting.

Could this be a start of a new fetish? Just like how some people get into diapers when they get too lazy to use the bathroom so they go out and get some or how some people will use them for convenience when there are no bathrooms around or because they don’t like using public restrooms and they end up enjoying their diapers they turn into DLs.

One time at the autism group, I was talking to this one guy who has the same name as my son. We were just talking and somehow we ended up on a topic where he told me he has had times where he didn’t want to go to the bathroom so he thought about wearing some diapers so he wouldn’t have to stop to take a potty break. For a moment I thought about telling him about how I like to wear diapers and use them but I decided not to. I told him instead he should try it or just pee in a bottle like some people do.


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