My Son is So Sweet

I went to sleep early because I was tired and I closed my eyes while breast-feeding and my son fell asleep too. I decided to just go to sleep so I put him in the chair and turned the TV and lights off and went to sleep.

Then after 11, my son woke up and started to cry. I just lie there and don’t move and he doesn’t cry that much. He just does some cries off and on and then he climbs down and walked over to me and climbs on the couch and I help him up. He cuddled up against me and wouldn’t lie still and he does some crying and then I decide to breast feed him to shut him up and is worked. He went back to sleep again nursing. I waited until he took himself off the boob before I decided to change since my skin down there was stinging a little like I was getting a diaper rash. I wet it for the last time and then got up to change leaving him on the couch but he woke up and followed after me. I also felt like I was starving so I decided to eat something so after I was done, I washed my hands in the kitchen and made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich using up the last bit of the peanut butter. My son kept fussing and then I realized he was hungry and no wonder he climbed up on the couch and then nursed and now here he was looking at me and I remembered my husband told me to feed him and I forgot to do it. So I put him in his high chair and gave him the rest of his cereal and then I fed him a jar of baby food.

What a bad mother I was for forgetting. But I fixed it.


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