Son’s Appointment

Sorry folks, another none diaper post. Also I wonder how are none diaper folks finding my blog but at least they like my blogs here. I did decide to follow another blog that was not diaper fetish related and I never commented on anything there. Internet is a weird place where anyone can find you or unless they are diaper folks themselves but they just don’t blog about that part of their lives. Or it’s their way to advertise their blog? I have only posted this blog on Fetlife, adisc and Daily Diapers in my profile and I decided to put it in my signature on adisc. But I don’t mind anyone reading this really. If people find it somehow without being linked here, that’s great (not sarcasm).

I got up at eight this morning but I was too tired to get up so I rested for a bit. I checked the time and it was only 8:09 so I still had plenty of time and rested some more. Then I must have fallen asleep because I woke up and checked the time and it was 8:43, I had to get up now.

I had to get changed and I did a little pee in the toilet and weighed myself and I put one some diaper rash cream over my sore spot after wiping myself. I had to decide between disposable or cloth. I picked cloth and put one on and put on another pair of plastic pants since the other ones felt uncomfortable. They’re old so they are stiff. Then I put my clothes back on I slept in and got the diaper bag ready. My son slept through it all and I spent most of the time getting ready to go and I only had a bowl of cereal for breakfast which is my typical breakfast. Then after I was done, I had to wake him up. He kept his eyes closed as I changed him and then he started crying when I took his sleeper off and put his clothes on. I put on one of his new pairs of socks and I didn’t bother with shoes since he always takes them off. I did the computer for a few minutes and nursed him and then it was time to go. I wanted to leave early in case of rush hour. I put my son in his stroller and got my shoes on and my jacket and grabbed my keys and we left.

It was a good thing I brought the stroller because the parking lot was full when I got there so I had to park in the street that was a block away. I have had to carry him all the way to the building before when he was in his infant carrier and I wished I had a stroller with me then. But this time I didn’t have to carry him and the diaper bag.

I did have a little scare there and it was my fault. I decided to read Distant Waves and my son was walking around and he was with the other kids not playing with them but he was there. I read a few sentences in the book and I looked up and saw he was gone. I had to go looking for him and he was nowhere in the room. It was like he vanished. I didn’t panic or cry or anything. I stayed calm and I looked around. I looked in the room where a class was and he wasn’t there. I asked a woman who was sitting at the exit door if she seen a baby and she said no. Some women there helped me look and I was told to look upstairs and outside. I didn’t think he be out there because no way would he be able to open the doors. I looked in the restrooms too and he wasn’t there. I even had to open the men’s restroom and I didn’t go in I just peeked and looked under the stalls. Then when I was looking upstairs, a lady who worked there told me he was found. I went back downstairs to the clinic and he had wandered into the offices through the doorway close to the restrooms. He must have walked in when the door opened and no one saw him. Kids are fast. One of the ladies carried him out and handed him to me and told me he was found in one of the nurse’s offices playing on the keyboard. Was I scared he was gone? Not really. I did feel nervous because I didn’t know what was going to happen. Like would I miss the appointment because I’d be too busy looking for him and I would have to reschedule, would I have to cal the police so a search be out, did some strange person wander in and took him and left (which be very unlikely). But he was found.

But it’s funny, I freak out over little things and get anxiety over it but yet when something major happens that most people would get frantic over or have anxiety over, I remain calm. And I know most parents panic when they can’t find their child or don’t know where they are. It was like the whole thing was no big deal to me after it happened. He was safe, he wasn’t hurt he wandered into the offices, no big deal. But it’s not something I would do again and again.

Then when I headed home, I stopped at the bank and got quarters for laundry and I let my son play with the toys they had there and he brought over a hand from Mr Potato head and two trains and played with them right there near me as I got quarters. Then I put the toys back and left. When I got home, I fed him some cheerios and toast. He hadn’t eaten all morning so he needed to eat. I turned the TV on for him to Nick Jr and he ate but he didn’t eat all of them. I just ate the rest of the toast and cleaned him up and took off is clothes since he got jelly on them. Then I breast fed him and he fell asleep.

My Son is So Sweet

I went to sleep early because I was tired and I closed my eyes while breast-feeding and my son fell asleep too. I decided to just go to sleep so I put him in the chair and turned the TV and lights off and went to sleep.

Then after 11, my son woke up and started to cry. I just lie there and don’t move and he doesn’t cry that much. He just does some cries off and on and then he climbs down and walked over to me and climbs on the couch and I help him up. He cuddled up against me and wouldn’t lie still and he does some crying and then I decide to breast feed him to shut him up and is worked. He went back to sleep again nursing. I waited until he took himself off the boob before I decided to change since my skin down there was stinging a little like I was getting a diaper rash. I wet it for the last time and then got up to change leaving him on the couch but he woke up and followed after me. I also felt like I was starving so I decided to eat something so after I was done, I washed my hands in the kitchen and made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich using up the last bit of the peanut butter. My son kept fussing and then I realized he was hungry and no wonder he climbed up on the couch and then nursed and now here he was looking at me and I remembered my husband told me to feed him and I forgot to do it. So I put him in his high chair and gave him the rest of his cereal and then I fed him a jar of baby food.

What a bad mother I was for forgetting. But I fixed it.