Two Messy Diapers

I have had bowel problems my whole life. As a baby I always got constipated so my parents always had to give me something the doctor recommended so I would go. My son has it too and so does my husband and I hear it runs in my family. I have always had to push it out when I go and I never pooped everyday. Only way to poop normal is if I have a certain diet and I am too lazy for that. Eating is a chore for me and I always prefer sweets but I don’t buy any much because it’s not healthy for you. Lately my diet has been cereal, macaroni and cheese and then peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sometimes it’s just cereal and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then another peanut butter and jelly sandwich or something else like pizza or something like cottage cheese or yogurt. I ate better when I was pregnant and when I was exclusively breast-feeding. But now that my son is eating solids, eating has become a chore for me and I lost my appetite because i don’t ever feel hungry. In the past I was always starving so I remembered to eat. Plus I was very obsessed with my pregnancy so it made it easy for me to remember to eat but I failed to eat every two hours so I lost weight and was thinner despite the fact I had gained weight during my pregnancy but I got skinnier.  But I was free of health problems luckily and the baby was healthy.

Now as an adult I have been getting very bad stomach cramps lately a few times after I be constipated for days and then my tummy starts to gurgle and then I poop and it’s all runny. This has happened off and on this year. I don’t know if this is temporary or something permanent.

Today I had another BM coming so I got up and messed myself and went back on the computer.  I was planning on having my husband clean me up but I was too busy. Then later I decided it was time to change and told my husband I need it. But he told me to take a bath because he doesn’t feel like changing a messy diaper. I told him “You can’t change your baby girl? Bad daddy, you’re so lazy.” He told me he doesn’t always want to change our son’s messy diaper either so he gives him a bath. He told me I can give him a bath as I take one. But I decide to shower since I had to anyway so I could clean up in there. I take the diaper off and put it in the toilet.

Then I heard my husband shout “no” and i asked what happened and he told me our son put the TV remote in his coffee. I grabbed my son’s hand and slapped it and my husband told me not to do that because he didn’t know what he was doing. I said at least “he will learn to not do it.” He didn’t even cry when I slapped his hand. I wonder if he even knows why his hand got hit. I hope it wasn’t too late when I disciplined him.

Then my husband told me to give our son a bath too because he is also poopy. I checked his diaper and it was poopy. We both had messy diapers. So I took it off and wiped it and put his diaper in the toilet. I rinsed his butt out and mine too and had to let the water down the drain before turning the water on again. Then after all the poop was washed off our butts, I had a bath with him.

Then I let the water out and got him dried up and put a clean diaper on him and his new outfit I got him yesterday. I handed him to my husband showered so I could shave and was my hair. Then I got out and rinsed out the diapers and dumped them in the tub for now and then got diapered by my husband.

For the past three days I have been pooping despite my poor diet. I need to eat better but it’s as if I need a caregiver to help me eat because my husband can’t do it due to his poor feet. But if we get the house, my mother will help me out with that when they move back.


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