Another Bath

I shouldn’t always be blogging about my time in diapers I can also blog about my time as a parent without talking about my diapers.Whenever a blog isn’t about diapers, I will just put in the tags “off topic”

My husband left to get more fluid for his lighter and he got our son a push up and me ice cream. he came home and put him in his chair and peeled the wrapper off the push up and pushed the ice cream up a little bit and gave it to him. My husband handed me my ice cream and I made him get me a spoon.

My son made a mess with the push up. He got it all over his clothes and I wiped his hands and arms off but when i took him out, I felt he was still sticky. I took off his shirt and shorts and decided it was better to give him another bath than giving him a sponge bath and plus he touched his hair so it needed to be washed. I took off his plastic pants and diaper and put him in the tub and filled it with water. I let him play in there for a little bit as I did the computer in there. Then when he started to toss toys out of the tub, I washed him and washed his hair and then let the water out. I put the bucket in the tub for him to put his toys in.

Then I took him out and dried him off and put him on the changing table. I put a clean diaper on him and plastic pants and put his sleeper on. He wriggled and squirmed but I held him. Then I put his clean clothes away he had pulled out of the drawer last night.

He is all fresh and clean again.


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