Thank god it’s Friday.

I love this phrase. It was my favorite when I was 15. I learned it though blond jokes. I love blond jokes. They were my favorite for a while in middle school and high school and would tell them all the time or read them online. I even made up my own phrase and it was ONIS (Oh No it’s Sunday). One time my resource room* teacher told me she said it to her husband that day and he laughed knowing what she meant.

I love Fridays because I don’t work on the weekends. My mother in law did go home that day and now here I am up with my son. I let him play around the living room and dining room and I just got through changing him and boy was he soaked. He was leaking because I felt the damp spot around his legs where the diaper is so I changed him. Ironically I need to get changed too because I did a big pee (as if I had been holding it) and it leaked a little because I also felt a damp spot on the back of my work jeans. But the wet spot is unnoticeable. The diaper is even wet in the back a little but not too much.

My son even managed to take out my Titanic disc 2 and I hope he didn’t ruin it. he only got finger prints on it and they can be wiped off if the movie skips or freezes. It was my fault too because I was too busy with the computer and I had in ear plugs because the neighbor below me was playing his music too loud and I had the TV up a little high to try and drone it out. I wonder what I did wrong? The neighbor’s excuse for playing his music loud is because I do elephants.** My husband thinks it’s just an excuse for him to play his music loud. But he is done now so I took out the ear plugs and the TV isn’t up high anymore. .

Just imagine if my son did ruin the disc like crack it, I would have to take a photo of it and maybe post it to Shit My Kids Ruined and post it to my Facebook. I know I would be upset if he ruined the disc but it wouldn’t stop me from posting it online. I still gotta have fun you know even if I didn’t like it.

Now I need to change and put my pajamas on.



*a political correctness word for special ed. Though those two are two different things but it was still a special ed room and they didn’t even use the words. They only had “resource room.”

**a term for walking and moving around it sounds like elephants moving around on the floor above for the person who is below you.


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