Not sure what to name this entry

I just got through having a bath with my son. I spent most of my time breast feeding him as I listened to music on my husband’s cell phone. Then He was ready to get out so I had my husband get him out and dry him off and put him in a clean diaper while I shaved and then washed my hair Then I got out and rinsed out my poopy diaper I left in the toilet and then I wrung it out and put it in the bucket. I picked up my son’s wet diaper and put it in the bucket too. Then I got on the computer and waited till my husband was done rocking our son to sleep so he could diaper me.

Then after he was done, he told me to go in our room and I lied on our bed. My husband got out a disposable instead of cloth. I told him why is he getting those out and he told me I was going to the mall when our son gets up. I asked him why can’t I wear a cloth until then and he told me “I am the dad and I get to decide what diaper you wear.”

I don’t know why he is kicking me out of the apartment again but I decided I will just read about the Titanic if my son will let me and I will just take the bus to save on gas. At least I won’t have to bring any extra diapers with for myself.


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