Another Messy Diaper

I was at work and I have had to go number two all day but it was never ready to come out yet and no way was I going to do it there. Then I came home and got on the computer and started chatting and then I decided I had to go very bad even though the cramping wasn’t bad but I figured it was ready to come out. So I stood up and gave it a push and it took me about two minutes to put a load in my diaper.  It was hard at first but I kept pushing until it was coming out. Then I put on Titanic and walk around my apartment for a bit to calm myself. Then I put on the plastic pants so the diaper won’t leak onto my pajamas. I sat down in it and enjoyed the feeling and watched the movie and wet the diaper again. I wonder if I smelled? I asked my husband when he came out to use the bathroom and he said he smelled nothing. He be so proud of me for doing it if he knew. But shame he wouldn’t be able to clean me up. I would have to do it myself eventually. My son was in the living room playing where I messed myself. I did it right in front of him. Pretty soon I won’t be able to do that in front of him anymore because I can’t imagine him seeing his own mother giving a push and she puts a load in her diaper right in front of him.

I then slept in it and then I got up and sat in it for a little bit and then I showered. The poo was soft and I bet it got soft when I peed in my diaper several more times. But it stuck to my butt when I took it off and I had to shake it off into the diaper and dump it in the toilet. I tossed the diaper in the trash and then tied the bag. Then I took it out to the dumpster when I got out of the shower and put in a new trash liner. I didn’t want the bathroom to smell like poo. I went diaperless for a little bit and after I did the dishes and put a load in the washer, I put a diaper on again. As I start watching the second disc of Titanic, I felt I had to go number two again so I went in the toilet this time. I didn’t want to do it in my diaper and waste it. Then it be more dirty diapers sooner and the sooner I’d have to wash them again. I also drank the rest of my juice out of a sippy cup. My mother in law saw it when she came out but she thought it was my son’s. I had it sitting on the coffee table by then when it was empty and my son grabbed it and tried drinking out of it. My Mother in law asked him if he wanted juice and I told her to not use that cup because it has no stopper and to use another one with it. So she did.