Nervous About my MIL Being Here

I found something else to blog about here.

My mother in law is staying here again because my husband is in pain due to his feet. The other day he left our son in his high chair all evening because he hurt too much to take care of him. So the next day he had his mother come out and then again yesterday (Wednesday). But sometimes I feel so nervous when she is here. Not because of my routines may change (I’ve been there and things have turned out okay so nothing to worry about there) but because of the diapers. She knows I wear them but I still get nervous. Since she is staying the night, I know I would need to be changed in the morning so I would have to go in the bedroom and kick her out. That be so awkward. I mean if I need to change, just grab what I need and leave but I don’t want her seeing me getting myself a diaper and plastic pants and leaving. It just feels so uncomfortable. But hopefully she be out in the living room with me and if I need to change, I can just go in the bedroom and take off the diaper and shower and then go back in the bedroom and get diapered up again and hopefully she stay out in the living room.But yet I grabbed my pajamas in the room and left and didn’t kick her out just so I change into them.

But I can always give her an excuse why I am wearing them all the time like things have been stressful so I have been having more accidents if she says something about it. I wish my husband didn’t tell her I only wear them sometimes. Or maybe my excuse can be he only said that because it slipped when he told her so he tried to say that as a cover up.

But I guess me refusing to have her see me in a diaper or me getting one is the same as how people may refuse to change their clothes or get dressed in front of someone because they also are not comfortable with it. Just like how I used to not feel comfortable going to the bathroom when there be someone in in the bathroom with me but I never had an issue with public restrooms because they have stalls. I wonder if this is a normal feeling about diapers? I can ask at ADISC.


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