It Worked Out

Things worked out. I changed out of my wet diaper this morning. I don’t think they leaked but I put plastic pants over them anyway when my MIL went to the bathroom so I went into the bedroom and put them on and lied back on the couch. Then I had to go diaperless under my pajamas  after I took it off and then my son woke up. I decide to use him as a distraction so I could go in the bedroom and put a diaper on. I saw my MIL come out of the bathroom. I wish I knew she was in there. I tell her my kid is crying so she goes in the bedroom and I go in my bedroom and put a diaper on. I had no plastic pants over them because I had hidden them in the bathroom under the sink when I showered. I figured she’d go in there to pee since she can’t hold it long. I wasn’t plastic pantless long because when she went back in my bedroom, I went in the bathroom and went potty in the toilet like a bad girl and put the diaper back on and then the plastic pants and my pants. Plus I took the trash out while I was diaperless because the kitchen was smelling like pee and I didn’t want her to smell it. I had three diapers in the trash now.

I am now remember why I had my cloth diapers in my son’s room and I also remembered I had them in there so I wouldn’t wake my husband up either. I have decided I should keep some cloth diapers in my son’s closet and some in the hallway closet hidden under stuff to avoid this inconvenience. Plus don’t forget the plastic pants.


Hopefully I will get used to this it won’t be as awkward.