Wellness Brief leaked

I was meaning to post this but was too lazy to even write it so I decided to do it now before I forget again.

I was wearing my Wellness Brief diaper this morning. I never bothered taking it off because I hate wasting diapers. They hold 87 oz but I don’t really put that much in the diaper. But this morning I woke up in bed needing to go pee so I just relaxed and let it out while lying on my side. The pee was quite long and it came out and  I felt the back getting all wet and then I felt a wet spot on my pajamas. I got out of bed and just put on the plastic pants and crawled back into bed and slept some more enjoying the wet warm diaper. The pee never came out of the plastic pants so I was all good.

About an hour or two later I woke up again and looked at the time and saw it was paste 11AM so I got out of bed. I took the diaper off and sure enough it was wet in the back even if I couldn’t tell well from the outside. I am sure it would have held more but I had that thing on for 20 hrs. I put it on around 4:10PM and it was past 11 AM when I took it off.

I stripped naked and threw the diaper away in the kitchen and showered. Then I got out and put on a cloth diaper and the same plastic pants and put my pajamas back on. Then sure enough, my son woke up.