I’m a Big Girl Now, a Naughty One

I got a diaper rash for staying in a wet cloth diaper for too long. I woke up this morning and I felt the top of it was wet so I took it off and I had to clean myself up and grab a pair of panties so I can air myself out Plus I had to grab some toilet paper leaving my son crying in his crib because I had to take care of myself first. That was the reason why I woke up in the first place was because of his crying. I was still bleeding so I grabbed one of my soft cups and put it in and then used some toilet paper to catch some of the blood and put my panties on. Then I got my pants back on too and got my son. I breast fed him and we both went back to sleep in my bed this time than couch. I moved to the bedroom when my husband left for work.

I hope daddy won’t get mad at me for not wearing a diaper because I wanted to air out and so far no accidents. I might put one on around noon and put on plenty of rash cream on the diaper rash so it would heel and I have to wash my diapers again since the bucket got full.