What I Do Under my Clothes is my Business

So I go to Fetlife and have been now for the past three days. I have been a member there for about two years now or a year, I am not sure when I joined. But right now I am reading a thread about if AB/DL should be taboo. Honestly I think all fetishes are taboo because it’s something people don’t talk about or discus with others. I don’t go around telling people I wear diapers and that I like being a baby girl and my husband is my daddy. I wouldn’t want to hear about other people’s sex lives or kinks so I am sure they would not want to hear about my life as an AB or what I do in my diapers. Even if this isn’t sexual for everyone, it’s still a Fetish. fetish doesn’t always have to be sexual. Diapers aren’t always sexual for me nor is infantilism. It’s sexual when I get my diaper changed or put in one because my body gets turned on. It’s also exciting when my dad dresses me in a sleeper but being babied is a stress reliever. I tend to regress more if I am depressed or go through lot of stress. Then I want to be cared for even more. But I still call it a fetish because it’s listed as one. I will not be all politically correct about it or dummy it down. I like to say things the way it is.

But some AB/DLs have an issue with other AB/DLs wearing in public because they see it as exposing their fetish to others. I do not see how this is any different when a gay couple kiss or hold hands or when a straight couple make out in public or how a guy wears a bra under his clothes or bikini or when someone cross dresses in public. At least when I am wearing a diaper, I don’t expose it or make it obvious I have one on. If poop didn’t smell, I would also mess out in public too instead of finding the restroom and taking my diaper off to go. So I like to wear diapers, so fucking what. I will wear them to work or to malls or stores or to my autism groups, wherever I go and use them there when I have to go. No one has ever said a word about me wearing and I don’t think they have noticed. I have had leaks at work but no one has said a word about it. But that was because I wore crappy diapers and I had Bambinos that were defective so they leaked when they were supposed to hold a lot. Plus I didn’t change when I should have because I did not want to walk all the way to the other building for my bag to change or even bring it with me because I was too afraid people would ask why must I bring it over there and I am not good at lying. Even plastic pants didn’t hold. Now I try to take better care of myself and not be so cheap and wear a good brand and use baby powder to hide the smell and drink lots of water to keep my wet diapers from smelling. Plus I will also check with my husband to make sure I don’t smell. I also smell myself to make sure but I also double-check with him. Plus now my pants smell like baby powder from the wet diapers than pee. Plus I change if I am wet in the back than worrying about wasting a diaper until it holds to its maximum. That is why I wear cloth now and disposables I leave on until I am wet in the back but not all the way. That is how I avoid leaks. But I still get too lazy to change. Right now I should change because I feel wet in the back but I don’t feel like it.