First Messy Diaper

Yesterday I was on the computer and I felt I had to go poo. I got up and pushed it out and had to push very hard and it all came out. Then I sat back down and went back to what I was doing. It was my first time ever messing in a cloth diaper. I didn’t tell daddy I messed in it because I like being in a messy diaper and I enjoy it. It didn’t smell either and I even asked him if he smells anything and he said he didn’t. I could smell it a little bit sometimes but not much. Then when it was around three o clock, I decided it was time to get changed and I had wet more in it. I told daddy I needed a new diaper. I lied down on the bed and he pulled my pants off and then my plastic pants and could then smell it and saw I had bled through the diaper too. I had started my period that day. He took off my diaper and saw it was all over. He wiped some of it off and told me I would need to take a shower. I told him why couldn’t he just wipe me up and he told me it was a huge mess and it would take all the rest of the wipes to clean me up and our son needs them. So I got up and went in the shower but I only rinsed my butt off and pelvis. I scooted my bum in the tub to get all the shit off. Then when I was through. I grabbed some toilet paper and put it under my vagina to catch the blood. Then I finished drying off and went back in the bedroom. Daddy had the diaper ready for me and I lied on top of it. Daddy put baby powder on me and taped it up and then put my work pants on me. He then told me reason why he wanted me to shower was because I was going to work and he didn’t want me to smell. He was also so proud of me for messing my diaper.


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