Day Out

Last night I crawled into bed to be with my dad. I was surprised he got off his computer to be with me. I let him hold me in his arms. It was hard to not talk in bed and I start talking about diapers. He said he didn’t mind the cost of them because his baby girl needs good diapers. Then he felt my diaper and said it was very wet. I said it can hold more and he told me I should change it because he doesn’t want me to leak. I told him he was welcome to change me if he is that worried. so he turned the light on and pulled off my pants and plastic pants and removed the wet diaper. He cleaned me up and then he told me to get a diaper for him. I got out of bed and grabbed a clean diaper that was dry and brought it back in the bedroom. He placed it under me and we both had sex. Then he diapered me and put the plastic pants back on and the pants.

I try to go back to sleep again and when he starts to breathe too loud, I head back out in the living room with ear plugs and sleep on the couch.

I don’t get out of bed until noon and I had breast-fed my son that morning on the couch. My husband hands him to me every morning because he always wants my boob and we both sleep on the couch together. I stay in the wet diaper for a bit and then when it’s time to go, I get ready. I change my own diaper since my dad had to stay off his feet and couldn’t even take a few minutes to change his baby girl.  I put on another cloth diaper than a disposable since we wouldn’t be gone that long. I get some shorts on and a t-shirt and then I get our son ready. I change him too and pack his diaper bag and get him dressed. then I brush my teeth and we leave. I was starving and we stop to eat at a buffet restaurant. I did wet my diaper there while reading Total Titanic while my dad was getting more food and while my son was eating his food. Then after we were done eating, we go grocery shopping. We buy food we need and get very little luxury foods. Then we go to Fred Meyers to get bus passes and I wait out in the car. Then dad comes back and we head home. My son was a sleep so I had to carry him upstairs to our apartment and put him to bed. He did wake up but then he went back to sleep again. I get on the computer while dad puts the groceries away. I did wet my diaper a couple more times but I don’t remember when.

Then at eight PM I shower and I put the same diaper back on again. I had my son in his high chair as he watched TV while I showered and my dad played his game online. Then he was let out to play by my dad. I also had to change my son too and take off his shirt since it was dirty. Then I let him down to play and I rinsed out his cloth diaper and put it in the diaper champ.

I am planning on going to bed earlier tonight since I am very tired and I didn’t get very good sleep last night. I am hoping dad will change me before bed.


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