Wearing around my Mother in law

So my husband took a little vacation again because he sprained his ankle. His mother came out to help out and yesterday I was wearing the Wellness brief I woke up in. I was feeling nervous wearing them around her thinking she notice but she knows I wear them. Plus I have them out in the open in our bedroom and she has been in there and slept in there too with my husband, in the same bed of course. So I am sure she saw them. But never says a word about it and she wears diapers too sometimes. Once she has to go, she has to go and not hold it because she can’t hold it long. When she knows there won’t be a bathroom when she has to go, she wears a diaper. Of course I have no interest in her wearing them and I would not want to see her in one or even know about her wearing one and know about her personal life in them. I am sure she feels the same way about me.

So I changed out of my diaper when it got too uncomfortable. It was wet in the back finally but not too bad. Then I threw it away under the sink and emptied it out and put in a new trash bag. I didn’t want her to see my used diaper and the trash can was full anyway so I emptied it. Then I took a shower and had my mother in law watch my son. Then after I got out, I went in our bedroom and got diapered up using the cloth ones and plastic pants. Then I put my pajamas back on and I was ready to go. I was nervous going out in the living room because my butt was so big now but since she knows I wear, why be so embarrassed about it? So I went out and sat on the couch. But she doesn’t know I wear for fun, she thinks I have bladder problems. I prefer to leave it at that.


2 thoughts on “Wearing around my Mother in law

  1. I am mike 32 i wear diapers now for 2 years 24/7 it took me very long to lose control but thankfully i now have lost complete bladder control (few weeks ago i was out of diapers for a half day a wet my pants the whole time even i public, i couldn’t control it) as for pooping i usually go to bed when i need to poop and i wake up after laying in poopy diaper for hours i sometimes wake up in middle of pooping (but not always), i anyway dont get out of bed to change till the morning. During the day i still have control but i often find myself pooping in middle of anything!

    • I still have my control but I sometimes leak urine and I have never peed without a diaper for except leaking urine and I can’t stop it either. I’ve never worked on trying to lose it either. How long did it take you?

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