Diapered Couple

Just tonight I got home from work and my husband surprised me with wanting me to diaper him. He wanted to try on one of my diapers but I told him they would not fit since the waist size is 22 to 36 inches. I took out a large Wellness brief I got through a free sample and I put it on him. Then he wanted me to cuddle up with him so I took the computer in there with me. He wanted me to put his helicopter baby outfit on him so I did but he is too tall for the straps to stay snapped. He thinks it’s his height, not his weight. He has lost tons of weight so it’s hotter now when I diaper him and I have been waiting to put that diaper on him and have him pee in it.

We cuddled up and talk and I watched the I’m Flying scene from Titanic. One of my favorite scenes from the movie so I listen to it a lot on youtube and watch it. But sadly I can’t listen to it right now because sometimes my computer crashes when I play youtube videos and I don’t want to lose this blog and have to type it all over again.

Then my husband said he peed in his diaper a little. He then told me he will be going a little bit because he has not been drinking anything because he has been in so much pain. I told him I would give him water after the scene ends but he told me coffee makes him go a lot. I said too bad there isn’t any made and he said there is some made and I asked if he can drink it and he said he can but I just have to heat it up.

So after the video ends, I get up and get coffee and pour it in a large glass but it would not fit in the microwave. So I look for his coffee mug I got him for Christmas in 2007. It was not in the dishwasher or cupboard so I went back to our room and asked him if he coffee cup is in there. He showed me it was on the dresser. I saw there was coffee in there so I asked if he can drink it or pour it out. He said I can pour more in there and heat it up so I did just that. Then I gave him his coffee and he drank half of it. Then we both went back to cuddling and I went back to watching the movie clip.

Where was our son, in his crib sleeping so we had our alone time. This time my dad was not my dad and he was my baby boy this time and I was his mommy who is incontinent. We did role play a little and my husband asked me “mommy do I have to wear this diaper” and I told him he does and he chose to wear it. Then I decided to mess with him by saying “Do I have to take this diaper off, mommy needs her diapers or else she will have an accident.” He told me we talked about it before and I can be an incontinent mommy and I told him I was just teasing him. He also rubbed my diaper which was already wet.

I think I am going to start wearing a onesie because I do not like the feeling of my diaper feeling loose on me and the tabs are still in tact, they have not been ripping. The diaper felt snugged when I had it on and it feels looser now due to it being stretched out so a onesie will make it fell snug again like my jeans did.

I so cannot wait until my husband uses his diaper doing a long pee and I hope the diaper works well on him like it’s supposed to. I will blog about it later after it happens.

My Time in the Wellness Brief

Around 3:50 PM yesterday, I put on one of these diapers. They are thin but they hold a lot. 87 oz. I put powder in it to make it softer and I put it on and put on my work clothes. These diapers are thin enough to fit under my jeans that aren’t real loose and they are still discreet under there. Plus it still feels like I have a diaper on due to the padding and the snugnss. But the plastic started to rip from one of the tabs when I got home so I had to use mailing tape to make it tight again. I do not like the feeling of loose diapers and these things don’t sag when wet and saggy diapers also feel uncomfortable.

Now at 6:35 in the morning I still have this thing on and it has not leaked yet. I don’t know how many times I have gone in it but I did do two morning pees in it and it is a little wet in the back but not much. Plus the stuff inside the diaper stays in place very well when wet. Plus they don’t smell that much either, I only smell the diaper but no pee. I wonder if I could wear this for 24 hrs without leaks?

Plus I can tell when this diaper is wet due to the bulkiness because it expands when wet. Plus I can feel it a little on my skin and I think I will use diaper rash cream next time. But these diapers do good absorbing the pee away from my skin I don’t even feel I am sitting in a puddle and very wet diapers feel uncomfortable. But this diaper still feels great. It may feel too mushy at first after I go and then it feels firm again. I think these diapers be great use for plane traveling and for when you are out of the house all day. You wouldn’t have to take a changing break unless you mess yourself of course. Then it will leak because the pee would have nowhere to go because the poop be stopping it from absorbing. I tried that with the samples once and they did leak after I went number two in them and then peed in them again. I guess that is why they recommend you change it after you soil it.

I wish these weren’t so expensive and I wish they have more diapers in the case than 60, one of those. What I also don’t like is pictures of old people on the package, as if they think young people wouldn’t have incontinent problems. But I still like the diapers and will continue using them. I have other brands on my mind I would also wear such as Tena or ATN Tranquality.