They’re Here

The diapers didn’t get here in time when I had to go to work so I had to wear another one of my white diapers again, not one of those crappy kinds. These do hold more than the other brands. I had no leaks at work and I didn’t go much there anyway. But when i got home, the Wellness Briefs had come and my dad didn’t have to sign for the package. But why do they must have old people on the package, young people can wear them too. But the ironic thing is on the side, there is an animated picture of the diaper on a person and the person looks young in the photo.

But I can wear these all day and not worry about cloth because they last all day and they recommend a change every eight hours.

Hospital Diapers Suck

I saw a thread on ADISC about hospital diapers and how much they suck. They are cheaply made and they don’t absorb and they leak too easily. I think my dad and I have some here I got at Value Village two years ago while I was pregnant. They are blue and they came in a clear package. But when you wear them, they do not absorb when you pee in them and they leak too easily after some light wettings and they are only wet in the middle.

I wore one to work on Friday because I had run out of Tena Classic Plus. My dad was nice to let me take an extra diaper to work with me. I wore it and it leaked when I sat down after I had peed in it a couple of times. Plus they feel like underwear and have no padding and the outside of them feels uncomfortable. I thought my leaks be noticeable so I got up pulling my shirt down to try to hide the leaks and got out of the break room fast. I go up to my floor and go to the restroom to see the wet spots on my pants were hardly noticeable so I over reacted. I had to wait until lunch time ended for everyone so I could go back down there and get my diaper and plastic bag out of my purse. I brought it up to my floor and changed in the restroom and it was only wet in the middle. See how easily they leak? So I put the used diaper in the plastic bag and threw it away in my trash can on my cart.

Thank god my Wellness Briefs will be here tomorrow I hope they arrive before I have to go to work. I have tried a sample and mediums fit me the best. But pooping in them will make them leak because it would stop the pee from absorbing into the stuff. That is why they say change it after you soil it. But they are good diapers and hold a lot. They last me for more than eight hours. Tena Classic Plus had lasted me hours too because I don’t do real big wettings. I do sometimes but not often.

If we ever do a yard sale, I will get rid of those diapers for a dollar at least. They suck and not worth using on my dad either. They were actually his but he doesn’t mind me using them. Even doubling them up, they still leak easily. maybe they are good as stuffers in other diapers that are good but they don’t absorb but some people do like the wet feeling.