Almost got caught

I felt a bowel movement coming and I didn’t want to go in my cloth diaper so I tried to use the toilet. But my little brother threw his toys in the bath tub and I kept the door closed but my dad got up and I heard him come out and I had to pull my plastic pants back up. I opened the bathroom door and there was dad in his sleep pull halfway down with the sleeves tied around his tummy. I asked him why he had them down and he said it was hot. He asked me if I was using the potty and I lied and said I wasn’t and our son was just in there playing. I grabbed him and my diaper and headed out in the living room. I was nearly caught but I couldn’t go anyway because I am constipated. Then dad was done going and he went back in is bedroom. There was no way I could try and go again or else my brother make too much noise and he would cry if I keep him out of the bathroom while I am in there.


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