Bath Time Again

Daddy decided to give us baths again. It was three o’ clock and he came out and got me undressed. He took off my pajamas and my diapers. Then I got the bath ready and dad got my brother ready too for his bath. He put him in the tub with me. We both played and I washed his hair for my dad so he wouldn’t have to bath us both. Then when 3:20 came, dad came in and he washed my hair and I kept calling him daddy and he told me to call him dad. He wouldn’t tell me why he doesn’t want to be called daddy and he told me to not call my son my brother because he is learning. I can understand why he would not want to call my brother my brother and say I am his sister during our role play because he would think I was his sister, not his mother but why can’t I call my dad daddy? But at least I could still call him dad because he calls me mom because of our son so he can learn. But at least in this blog I can refer my dad as daddy and my son as my brother. After he was done washing me, I played a little more except I shaved in the tub. Then at 3:29 I got out. I dried off and dad told me I had to get my brother out too and get him dressed and then he will take care of me next. I dried my brother off and then brought him to his bedroom and put him in his clean diaper and plastic pants. Then I went in my own bedroom and my dad had the diaper ready for me. It was a disposable, not one of those sucky brands. I found it in my son’s closet while I was cleaning. Daddy put some baby powder on me and fastened the diaper in place. I got dressed and then I decided I wanted to wear plastic pants over it for leaks. I knew they would not be good as the Tenas but they were sure better than those other diapers that suck.

At the autism group I went my diaper twice there and the wettings weren’t that bad. They were pretty light. I did it while sitting and the second time I did it while standing because I couldn’t go sitting for some reason. But at home the diaper leaked when I did a medium wetting in it while I was sitting on the couch. Dad was about to shower so I asked him to change me and he said I would have to do it because he has to work tomorrow and he needs to shower. He couldn’t even take five minutes to change my wet diaper?

So I went back in our bedroom, took the wet diaper off and got my wipes out of my brother’s room and cleaned up my crotch area and put on some diaper rash cream. Then I put on a cloth diaper and another pair of plastic pants.

At least the diaper I had on absorbed and it was not as comfy as the Tenas but at least the baby powder made it softer. I am not sure what brand it was. I am going to be sticking with the good brands from now on, not get other brands I don’t know about at Goodwill or other thrift stores I find. But at least they are cheap. But at least I still have them for back up use if I run out of the good ones. But online I won’t get other brands I don’t know about.

Oh yeah it took me nearly an hour to write this whole blog because my son kept bugging me after I have given him my time but he kept squirming in my arms and not lie still and it’s hard to type when he touches me and when I push him off, he still climbs onto me. Then when I put him on the floor, he still grabs at my legs and it makes it hard for me to type. Now he is sleeping on me laps with my nipple in his mouth and I was able to finish this blog. I may be a baby, but I still have to be an adult too. I did get frustrated and felt like melting down and hurting him and putting him in his crib with the door closed so I can relax. but I am afraid daddy get mad at me and take my toy away (my computer) and I am not sure if he meant take it away as I am using it or take it away nonetheless and it wouldn’t matter if I was watching TV and not using the computer at the moment or playing video games. would he take that stuff away too because I was using those at the time of his crying? I wish he be this easy every night to fall asleep when he nurses than squirming around on me and making it hard for me to type and then getting up and then wanting my boob again less than ten seconds later. I wish he make up his mind. At leas when he is older and starts to understand I won’t have to take that crap from him and I would tell him to make up his mind and stick with  what he wanted and not let him change his mind or else I walk away from him.

Almost got caught

I felt a bowel movement coming and I didn’t want to go in my cloth diaper so I tried to use the toilet. But my little brother threw his toys in the bath tub and I kept the door closed but my dad got up and I heard him come out and I had to pull my plastic pants back up. I opened the bathroom door and there was dad in his sleep pull halfway down with the sleeves tied around his tummy. I asked him why he had them down and he said it was hot. He asked me if I was using the potty and I lied and said I wasn’t and our son was just in there playing. I grabbed him and my diaper and headed out in the living room. I was nearly caught but I couldn’t go anyway because I am constipated. Then dad was done going and he went back in is bedroom. There was no way I could try and go again or else my brother make too much noise and he would cry if I keep him out of the bathroom while I am in there.

Thickly Diapered

Today is April 15th, the day the Titanic hit the bottom of the ocean floor.

Last night dad changed my diapers because they were leaking. I told you those Chinese diapers sucked. Dad took out one of my diapers and two of his and put them on me to make it nice and thick so I feel like a real baby and so they absorb more. He even had to use a diaper pin to pin his diaper onto me since it’s too big and he put plastic pants over them. Then he put me in a sleeper. I was dry for about two hours before peeing in them. I wet them again several times at night and during the day. Now they feel wet and thicker and still no leaks. Two of these diapers I have on were hand made by someone from Wisconsin. I forget the name of the website right now I go them at but it’s where people sell their home made items such as clothing or diapers or anything they have made. The person used old materials and made diapers out of them and they hold better than those Chinese diapers. Pretty soon dad will be giving me a bath when he changes me out of these diapers and then I have my autism group to go to. I want to be in a clean diaper by then and not have it be too thick where it’s so obvious I have one on.I like to be discreet about my diapers in public but I am not worried about the bulge since no one pays attention so they wouldn’t even notice or say a word about it. One who would would be the ones who wear them themselves or have desires for them.

I was also naughty last night, I was constipated and I went in the toilet right after I got out of the shower because I had the chance to empty my bowels before I am constipated again and I was unable to go in my diapers. But that is my secret.


Bath time and diaper time

In this blog I will be referring my husband as my dad and our son as my bother. I know I said I don’t involve him in our fetish but he is only one and won’t remember it and it’s no different when mothers take baths with their small children so I can do the same thing too.

So I go in the bedroom to be with my dad. I was very wet and I felt it was about to leak if I kept it on. My brother was sleeping and my dad cuddled up with me. Then he woke up and I had to go get him. I have to help him with my brother because he has bad feet so it’s hard for him to be my real daddy. He then decides we both need a bath so he undresses me and I undress my brother and take off his diaper. Dad tells me to get the bath started so I turn it on and then he tells me to put the drain in so I put it in. Then we both hop in the bath tub. Dad comes in with the toys and dumps the toys in. He brings in his tablet and I keep calling him dad. Pretty soon I won’t be able to call him that anymore when our son gets bigger. I would only have to do it in private when he isn’t around. But I can still take baths with him until he gets too old. Dad brings in the tablet and he plays a cartoon for us but I find it boring so he plays Rocko’s Modern Life. I ask him how long do I need to be in for and he said until he decides we are clean and he said he had a surprise for us and I will see.

I just sit in the tub and I find my brother’s toys boring. I mess with the tweezers pulling hair from my pelvis. I keep it shaved down there. I find pubic hair gross and disgusting. I ask dad later when is he going to come back in and he asked me if I was bored and I said I was so he told me I can get out. I got upset because he said he had a surprise and he said “you’re bored so you can get out.” I told him again why can’t he just do the surprise now and he said it was because he is in pain and I am bored. I asked him why did he say he had a surprise if he is in so much pain? He said he just changed his mind. I will never trust dad again when he says he will do something. Dad tells me to get on the bed and he will take care of my brother.

I go in the bedroom and lie on the bed and dad gets my brother out and he dries him off. Then he takes him to his bedroom and puts a diaper on him and plastic pants. He then brings him out in the living room and puts him on his rocking horse and comes in the bedroom. He gets out a cloth diaper I got on ebay from China. Those sort of diapers leak easily and even though they are thick, they don’t really absorb well so they get wet pretty fast as if you had wet them too much and they leak out of the plastic pants. But my dad put it on me anyway and then he grabbed one of his diapers he also got from China on ebay and it has a plastic outer cover on the diaper and he puts it on me to make it nice and thick.

I ask him how do I know if he will keep me in diapers 24/7 if he keeps changing his mind and he told me he was upset because I was not playing, doing what I was supposed to be doing. So basically I got punished. So he makes me go naked in a diaper only and I demanded socks because I can’t stand to go barefoot. I don’t like how it feels on my bare feet, the dirt and the floor. So he lets me use socks and I put them on. Pretty soon I won’t be able to be in my diaper only in front of my son. It would then have to be between my dad and I and my brother would just be my son now. We would have to do it alone like in our bedroom.

And I just wet this diaper. The pee wasn’t that long, only a few seconds. This is all for now for this blog.