A Walk Outside

Today my hubby made me go outside to take a walk because I have not done it in a while. I brought our son with and I pushed him around our neighborhood in his stroller.I like looking at all the details and the houses and some of them are over a hundred years old. I got back and I cleaned the bathroom while my husband put our son to sleep and I also folded his clothes and put them away and put his dirty clothes back in his hamper he loves to take out. I also washed his poop off his cloth diapers and put them in the diaper champ with the other dirty cloth diapers. I use cloth because it saves us money and it’s cheaper to wash them than using disposable or a diaper service. It costs us a dollar to wash and 75 cents to dry. I sometimes dry them twice to make them more dry so I spend more than a $1.75 sometimes to get them cleaned. The drier here sucks so they don’t dry clothes all the way. Even I use cloth on myself when I am at home because it’s cheaper than disposable. I even wash our diapers together. Our neighbors have seen them but I don’t know if they know who they belong to but now that my cloth diapers are with my son’s and they know I have a baby, I am sure they know now who they belong to. But I don’t care what they think. They have never said anything about it except the time someone left a note in the basement saying we owe them 75 cents because they had to dry the cloth diapers. I didn’t think we owed them anything because they chose to dry them and they could have just taken them out and put their own clothes in to dry. But my husband was nice enough to leave quarters down there to pay them back. That was long before our son was born. Another time, I was washing my son’s diapers, not mine and someone left a note on the washer saying “Please remove, this load makes the whole building smell.” There was no name left or apartment number so I felt annoyed and I do not take coward notes seriously. If someone is going to leave me a note, please leave at least their name and apartment number or else I won’t take them seriously. So I tossed the note out and put the diapers in the dryer. Plus I thought it was baloney that the load makes the whole building smell. Maybe the person has a very good nose.

Well this is all I have for my blog for now.