Son’s Appointment

Sorry folks, another none diaper post. Also I wonder how are none diaper folks finding my blog but at least they like my blogs here. I did decide to follow another blog that was not diaper fetish related and I never commented on anything there. Internet is a weird place where anyone can find you or unless they are diaper folks themselves but they just don’t blog about that part of their lives. Or it’s their way to advertise their blog? I have only posted this blog on Fetlife, adisc and Daily Diapers in my profile and I decided to put it in my signature on adisc. But I don’t mind anyone reading this really. If people find it somehow without being linked here, that’s great (not sarcasm).

I got up at eight this morning but I was too tired to get up so I rested for a bit. I checked the time and it was only 8:09 so I still had plenty of time and rested some more. Then I must have fallen asleep because I woke up and checked the time and it was 8:43, I had to get up now.

I had to get changed and I did a little pee in the toilet and weighed myself and I put one some diaper rash cream over my sore spot after wiping myself. I had to decide between disposable or cloth. I picked cloth and put one on and put on another pair of plastic pants since the other ones felt uncomfortable. They’re old so they are stiff. Then I put my clothes back on I slept in and got the diaper bag ready. My son slept through it all and I spent most of the time getting ready to go and I only had a bowl of cereal for breakfast which is my typical breakfast. Then after I was done, I had to wake him up. He kept his eyes closed as I changed him and then he started crying when I took his sleeper off and put his clothes on. I put on one of his new pairs of socks and I didn’t bother with shoes since he always takes them off. I did the computer for a few minutes and nursed him and then it was time to go. I wanted to leave early in case of rush hour. I put my son in his stroller and got my shoes on and my jacket and grabbed my keys and we left.

It was a good thing I brought the stroller because the parking lot was full when I got there so I had to park in the street that was a block away. I have had to carry him all the way to the building before when he was in his infant carrier and I wished I had a stroller with me then. But this time I didn’t have to carry him and the diaper bag.

I did have a little scare there and it was my fault. I decided to read Distant Waves and my son was walking around and he was with the other kids not playing with them but he was there. I read a few sentences in the book and I looked up and saw he was gone. I had to go looking for him and he was nowhere in the room. It was like he vanished. I didn’t panic or cry or anything. I stayed calm and I looked around. I looked in the room where a class was and he wasn’t there. I asked a woman who was sitting at the exit door if she seen a baby and she said no. Some women there helped me look and I was told to look upstairs and outside. I didn’t think he be out there because no way would he be able to open the doors. I looked in the restrooms too and he wasn’t there. I even had to open the men’s restroom and I didn’t go in I just peeked and looked under the stalls. Then when I was looking upstairs, a lady who worked there told me he was found. I went back downstairs to the clinic and he had wandered into the offices through the doorway close to the restrooms. He must have walked in when the door opened and no one saw him. Kids are fast. One of the ladies carried him out and handed him to me and told me he was found in one of the nurse’s offices playing on the keyboard. Was I scared he was gone? Not really. I did feel nervous because I didn’t know what was going to happen. Like would I miss the appointment because I’d be too busy looking for him and I would have to reschedule, would I have to cal the police so a search be out, did some strange person wander in and took him and left (which be very unlikely). But he was found.

But it’s funny, I freak out over little things and get anxiety over it but yet when something major happens that most people would get frantic over or have anxiety over, I remain calm. And I know most parents panic when they can’t find their child or don’t know where they are. It was like the whole thing was no big deal to me after it happened. He was safe, he wasn’t hurt he wandered into the offices, no big deal. But it’s not something I would do again and again.

Then when I headed home, I stopped at the bank and got quarters for laundry and I let my son play with the toys they had there and he brought over a hand from Mr Potato head and two trains and played with them right there near me as I got quarters. Then I put the toys back and left. When I got home, I fed him some cheerios and toast. He hadn’t eaten all morning so he needed to eat. I turned the TV on for him to Nick Jr and he ate but he didn’t eat all of them. I just ate the rest of the toast and cleaned him up and took off is clothes since he got jelly on them. Then I breast fed him and he fell asleep.

My Son is So Sweet

I went to sleep early because I was tired and I closed my eyes while breast-feeding and my son fell asleep too. I decided to just go to sleep so I put him in the chair and turned the TV and lights off and went to sleep.

Then after 11, my son woke up and started to cry. I just lie there and don’t move and he doesn’t cry that much. He just does some cries off and on and then he climbs down and walked over to me and climbs on the couch and I help him up. He cuddled up against me and wouldn’t lie still and he does some crying and then I decide to breast feed him to shut him up and is worked. He went back to sleep again nursing. I waited until he took himself off the boob before I decided to change since my skin down there was stinging a little like I was getting a diaper rash. I wet it for the last time and then got up to change leaving him on the couch but he woke up and followed after me. I also felt like I was starving so I decided to eat something so after I was done, I washed my hands in the kitchen and made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich using up the last bit of the peanut butter. My son kept fussing and then I realized he was hungry and no wonder he climbed up on the couch and then nursed and now here he was looking at me and I remembered my husband told me to feed him and I forgot to do it. So I put him in his high chair and gave him the rest of his cereal and then I fed him a jar of baby food.

What a bad mother I was for forgetting. But I fixed it.

A blog I found in another blog


Paraphilic infantilism is a rare sexual paraphilia where individuals typically get sexually aroused from being a baby (and is commonly referred to as ‘adult baby syndrome’). Some websites claim that the condition also goes under the name of ‘autonepiophilia’ but the sexologist who coined this particular paraphilia (Professor John Money) described the condition as particularly relating to ‘diaper fetishism’ (i.e., people who get sexually aroused from wearing nappies). At present, infantilism does not appear in any diagnostic psychiatric texts in its own right (such as the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders [DSM-IV]). However, as Dr Joel Milner, Dr Cynthia Dopke, and Dr Julie Crouch note in a 2008 review of paraphilias not otherwise specified (NOS):

“Although infantilism is classified as sexual masochism in DSM-IV it is questionable whether the criteria for sexual masochism are always met. For example, if the infantile role playing does…

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Another Bath

I shouldn’t always be blogging about my time in diapers I can also blog about my time as a parent without talking about my diapers.Whenever a blog isn’t about diapers, I will just put in the tags “off topic”

My husband left to get more fluid for his lighter and he got our son a push up and me ice cream. he came home and put him in his chair and peeled the wrapper off the push up and pushed the ice cream up a little bit and gave it to him. My husband handed me my ice cream and I made him get me a spoon.

My son made a mess with the push up. He got it all over his clothes and I wiped his hands and arms off but when i took him out, I felt he was still sticky. I took off his shirt and shorts and decided it was better to give him another bath than giving him a sponge bath and plus he touched his hair so it needed to be washed. I took off his plastic pants and diaper and put him in the tub and filled it with water. I let him play in there for a little bit as I did the computer in there. Then when he started to toss toys out of the tub, I washed him and washed his hair and then let the water out. I put the bucket in the tub for him to put his toys in.

Then I took him out and dried him off and put him on the changing table. I put a clean diaper on him and plastic pants and put his sleeper on. He wriggled and squirmed but I held him. Then I put his clean clothes away he had pulled out of the drawer last night.

He is all fresh and clean again.

Getting Tired of Diapers

Sometimes I get tired of wearing them so that is why I have quit 24/7 before. The first time I went 24/7 was from October 2006 all the way till March 2008 but I took a little break in March for a few weeks due to no job and I had to keep my money saved. Then I went again in September 2011 when my diaper fetish came back and stopped again in December 2011 because my mother in law came out and then I had no interest. Then I was finally forced to go 24/7 this month. My husband would give me spankings when I get ready for work because I had no diaper on and I was supposed to be wearing one so he diaper me. Then I take it off when I get home when the diaper needed to be changed and I would shower and not put another one on. Then I would get spanked again when my husband would catch me. Then one day he made me have sex and he played Titanic on his computer. Then after that I stayed in diapers.

Today while on my walk with my son, I was starting to feel bored with wearing them. I came home and asked my husband if I can quit wearing diapers because I am getting tired of it. He shouted “no.” I said I guess I would wear them like underwear then and then asked him what would happen if he caught me using the toilet and he told me “Then you get sex.” I told him I bet he has been happy I have been pooping in my diapers and he said he is. I complained he never changes them and he said it’s because of his feet.

I am stuck in them for the rest of my life. I might have to start sneaking the bathroom but how would I explain lack of cloth diapers? I guess I can pee in them once and then change to make it look like I had been using them and he wouldn’t even guess I had been using the toilet.

When I went in the bedroom again to ask my husband something totally none diaper related, he felt the back of my diaper and asked me if I just peed. I said no and asked him why and he said it felt warm. I wondered if I actually peed and didn’t know it or if my body warmed my wet diaper up. I can’t even remember the last time i have went. Last time I remember going was when I was playing Mario Party 9 and that was before the walk.



Two Messy Diapers

I have had bowel problems my whole life. As a baby I always got constipated so my parents always had to give me something the doctor recommended so I would go. My son has it too and so does my husband and I hear it runs in my family. I have always had to push it out when I go and I never pooped everyday. Only way to poop normal is if I have a certain diet and I am too lazy for that. Eating is a chore for me and I always prefer sweets but I don’t buy any much because it’s not healthy for you. Lately my diet has been cereal, macaroni and cheese and then peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sometimes it’s just cereal and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then another peanut butter and jelly sandwich or something else like pizza or something like cottage cheese or yogurt. I ate better when I was pregnant and when I was exclusively breast-feeding. But now that my son is eating solids, eating has become a chore for me and I lost my appetite because i don’t ever feel hungry. In the past I was always starving so I remembered to eat. Plus I was very obsessed with my pregnancy so it made it easy for me to remember to eat but I failed to eat every two hours so I lost weight and was thinner despite the fact I had gained weight during my pregnancy but I got skinnier.  But I was free of health problems luckily and the baby was healthy.

Now as an adult I have been getting very bad stomach cramps lately a few times after I be constipated for days and then my tummy starts to gurgle and then I poop and it’s all runny. This has happened off and on this year. I don’t know if this is temporary or something permanent.

Today I had another BM coming so I got up and messed myself and went back on the computer.  I was planning on having my husband clean me up but I was too busy. Then later I decided it was time to change and told my husband I need it. But he told me to take a bath because he doesn’t feel like changing a messy diaper. I told him “You can’t change your baby girl? Bad daddy, you’re so lazy.” He told me he doesn’t always want to change our son’s messy diaper either so he gives him a bath. He told me I can give him a bath as I take one. But I decide to shower since I had to anyway so I could clean up in there. I take the diaper off and put it in the toilet.

Then I heard my husband shout “no” and i asked what happened and he told me our son put the TV remote in his coffee. I grabbed my son’s hand and slapped it and my husband told me not to do that because he didn’t know what he was doing. I said at least “he will learn to not do it.” He didn’t even cry when I slapped his hand. I wonder if he even knows why his hand got hit. I hope it wasn’t too late when I disciplined him.

Then my husband told me to give our son a bath too because he is also poopy. I checked his diaper and it was poopy. We both had messy diapers. So I took it off and wiped it and put his diaper in the toilet. I rinsed his butt out and mine too and had to let the water down the drain before turning the water on again. Then after all the poop was washed off our butts, I had a bath with him.

Then I let the water out and got him dried up and put a clean diaper on him and his new outfit I got him yesterday. I handed him to my husband showered so I could shave and was my hair. Then I got out and rinsed out the diapers and dumped them in the tub for now and then got diapered by my husband.

For the past three days I have been pooping despite my poor diet. I need to eat better but it’s as if I need a caregiver to help me eat because my husband can’t do it due to his poor feet. But if we get the house, my mother will help me out with that when they move back.

Time At the Mall

I had decided to go. My mind was set to it so I had to go. Once I set my mind to something, it’s hard for me to undo it. If my husband decides to do something, I have to adjust to it and once my mind is set to it, it’s hard for me to undo it if he were to change his mind. I tend to get upset when it changes again.

My son woke up around four luckily so I got ready. I got him dressed, packed his diaper bag, got his coat and got out his stroller. I grabbed my own jacket and we left.

When I get on the bus, the bus doesn’t move as if the driver was waiting for me to take my baby out of his stroller and fold it up. I always take my kid out anyway so the stroller isn’t in the way. I always use the umbrella one because it’s easier to take on the bus.

When we get to the mall, I look around at The Dollar Tree and then I go to Ross and look at some socks and clothes. I didn’t buy too many because I didn’t want to spend lot of money. I only bough a Cars outfit and a Scooby Doo t shirt and socks. Then I stop at the Pretzel place and buy myself a pretzel and it was a pepperoni pizza and I got pizza sauce with it than cheese sauce. I gave some of it to my son figuring he was hungry because he had not eaten since breakfast. Then we went to the frozen yogurt place and got some ice cream of different flavors and then put toppings on it. This is the sort of ice cream place where you grab a cup and go to the machines and put ice cream in it and you can put in differed flavors and put in as much as you want and then you pick your own toppings and then you take it to the cash register and weigh it and pay for it. It’s really awesome I always go there whenever I go to the mall. I shared some of it with my son and then I headed to the play area for him to play. At first he seemed uninterested in playing on the toys because he preferred to pay more attention to people. He kept walking towards these two men and one of them even picked him up and hell him. I am not one of those women who over reacts when some strange guy touches her kid and besides I just assumed they were dads. Then he started to play on the toys and one of the kids commented on how cute he is. One of them even asked if he was my son. I read a sample of a story on my Nook color and it was an adult book about diapers. I found out a little while ago you can get books about diaper fetishes on ebooks and they are ebook only, not paperback so I have several of them on mine but they are all samples. I haven’t purchased the full versions yet. One girl tried to look at what I was reading but I pulled it away. I wasn’t going to assume she couldn’t read. My son did take off from the area a few times and I had to keep directing him back to the area. Then when he left it again for the very last time, I decided it was time to leave the area so I took the diaper bag and stroller and followed after him. He went into Ross and I followed him in there an then I strapped him in his stroller and went to the bookstore and read some stuff about the Titanic and I let my son run all over the children’s area and I kept picking up his messes when he be done playing with it. Some other strangers played with him too and he even grabbed a pacifier out of another kid’s mouth and the kid’s mother took it from him and pout it back in her son’s mouth. But my son grabbed it again and I told him no and it wasn’t his and the mother said she will just make is easier and she put the pacifier in her pocket. I thanked her. Her kid didn’t seem to care he didn’t have it anymore.

As for my diaper, I am not sure how many times I wet it. Wetting them has come so natural I can wet without thinking about it and it’s like I never went so it’s like I don’t even remember when I have gone. I know I went as I was looking at clothes. I hardly ever felt I had to go. I don’t think I am losing control because I still have to relax my muscles to go and I still can’t pee in all spots. I can be sitting down and then I stand up and I all of a sudden go after I have relaxed my muscles. Plus it hardly felt I even had a diaper on but I could still feel it when I moved but I could easily forget I even have one on if I don’t think about it. Someone once said at ADISC or Dailydiapers that Wellness Briefs feels like underwear. not for me when I go to work because I can always feel it but today I could hardly feel it. Right now I can feel it as I type this. But yet when I am not wearing a diaper, I end up feeling I have to go all the time and diapers take that feeling away. Diapers have messed my bladder up in ways over the years but I have never lost bladder control. But one time I always had an accident in public because I had to go so bad and I had just went and I didn’t bother trying to go again before leaving to take a drug test for my new job in 2007. I knew I would need to pee for the test so I decided to hold it but within minutes, the urge got stronger and stronger I felt like I was going to wet myself. I didn’t even know where to find the bathrooms and I didn’t even think to just go to the mall that was three blocks away and use the restrooms there. But luckily a employee in a store let me use the restrooms in a store and right when I sat down, I started peeing and I bet if I waited any longer, I would have indeed wet myself. I decided after that I was just going to wear a diaper when I am out in public because I felt more secured that way. But about a week later I went back to wearing 24/7 again and then stopped in March 2008. I had a job again so I went 24/7 again.

After eight, I decided it was time to head home so I put my son in his stroller and put the Titanic books back and had a drink of water and left. I stopped and changed my son first in the restroom and then I headed for the bus. On the way back he was fussy and I figured he was tired because it was late. He wasn’t too loud and he fussed off and on. Then after I got off I put him in his stroller and accidentally pinched his skin with the buckle when I strapped him in because he was squirming. He cried and screamed the rest of the way home due to the pain he had gotten. He didn’t stop until we got home and I handed my husband the receipts and showed him the outfit and shirt I got. Our son was still fussing so my husband rocked him and he went to sleep. 

When did I last wet my diaper? I don’t remember. That is what happens when you wear 24/7, it becomes a ritual you don’t even think about it anymore. You know you have gone but it feels like you never went and then you don’t even remember when you last went. I still feel dry but when I stand up and walk, I can tell I am wet because I can feel the air on my skin down there as I walk where it’s wet and it’s around the edges of the diaper in the middle.

I had fun at the mall. Better than being stuck at home. My husband just has to help me with that.