Published November 15, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

I have been wearing plastic pants over my Walgreens diaper and that diaper has brought something positive to it. Every night after I get home from work, my husband changes me but last night I had to do it myself because my mother in law and my brother in law came over. This is a brand I can consider if I ever run out of premium diapers or feel our money is tight. I went through two yesterday because my husband had an appointment and it lasted three hours and then I had to change when I got ready for work because it was wet in the back and it did leak into my plastic pants so I had to wipe out the wet spots. If this were a Tena Maxi Slip or an Abena XPlus or Molicare Super Plus, then I wouldn’t need changed.

Lot of ABs have a beef about cloth like diapers but I don’t so I can’t relate to them or understand the issues they have with them. My experience with them was never bad and I have never experienced what they experienced with cloth like. I just read in another blog by AB jane that Molicare Super Plus would be going cloth like. I would be willing to try them and I also want to try the cloth like Tena Slip but I haven’t seen any sold in the states yet. Oh wait I believe xpmedical has them but they are the basic slip. But they are cheaper than the Maxi but they don’t hold as much.

I just have something to think about now regarding Walgreens diapers. If I want more diaper changes, then I need to wear a cheaper diaper that holds less even if it means wearing plastic pants over them.

Tomogachi Life

Published November 13, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

Warning: This game may be addicting so play at your own risk

I have been playing this game I got from Gamefly. Because I didn’t want to return it and start over if I ever buy the game, I kept it by clicking the keep button and I got it for $21.99 thanks to the 10% off and the $5 off coupon I had. This game is addicting and I keep playing it all the time. I just open the 3DS and check to see if there are any problems to be solved or if anyone is in love and buy stuff and to play Tomogachi Quest which is an 8 bit graphic game and buying a mystery bag that contains three things.

So far there have been a few fights, my character had a break up with her sweetheart Gom, three marriages, and the Miis throw things at each other when they fight and have non stop items and they don’t break, adults can be friends with kids and kids can live in their own apartments without parents. I have everything unlocked on the island and I have 40 Miis so far.

I have on my island:


My nephew

My children

Amy Rose

Ghostface from Scream

Betty Boop


Christina Aquilera

Debby Ryan

Walt Disney

Dr. House

Dr. Mario


Harry Potter


Jack Sparrow

Mary Poppins


Marilyn Monroe


Natalya Simonova


Nikki from Swapnote


Shaquille O’Neal

Shaun White



Zendaya Coleman

My Miis I have created were:

Natalya Simonova

Alalaiya Fran

my kids


Glenn Daniels

And the other Miss I used from the Mii Plaza were:









and a Mii with a Japanese name. (I named her Ami Sugino) I streepassed this person at Barnes & Noble and she was from Japan because it showed on my 3DS.

I created Natalya Simonova and I found a picture of her online from GoldenEye and took a photo shot of her and turned her into a Mii and picked the best hair for her to match it in the movie and she is dating Mario. My nephew married Allie (Alalaiya), Dr. Mario married Amy Rose, Gomi married Ami. The ironic thing is Bones has gotten in the most fights on the island and she had feelings for Mario and tried to be his sweetheart and he rejected her so she went after him again and he still rejected her and she moved on without being sad so I didn’t have to cheer her up. So logical like in the show. Pretty soon I will have to play this game less when my other game comes from Gamefly. It’s Super Smash Bros. I have been waiting for over a month to get but they were low on stock. I also got Jack Sparrow a pirate costume and he liked it. It would be ironic if he didn’t. But I sure have to buy room interiors and clothes and hats before they disappear the next day because specials change daily. I just keep earning money by helping out and playing mini games and winning treasures to pawn off at the shop for money. I have thought about me creating my Natalie Mii from my story and putting her on the island but I am not good at creating Miis to represent a character. I would have to take a shot of someone to represent her so she can look like her in my story. That is what I did with my children, I took shots of them while creating new Miis and I gave my daughter long hair than boyish hair. I gave my son freckles. I do plan on adding more Miis to my island. I have thought about putting my husband on it too. But I gave my kids different surnames and myself a different first and surname.

Instead of with a parent with her cellphone, I am a parent with her 3DS.

Walgreens too

Published November 8, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

What have they done to them? Last time I tried them, they were pretty good and I wore two and they lasted me through the game convention and I realized I only needed to wear one. So I did and they held fine but this time they are not holding well. twice they have leaked on me. I get a wet spot on my pants when I sit and I decided I am going to double diaper and not buy this brand again and next time stick with Always Discreet since those seemed to hold fine for a pull up. Damn diaper companies screwed up another diaper. I wonder why the pull up ones are good and these are not but perhaps I don’t wear them long enough to see because I am used to pull ups not holding well. I will start double diapering to see how well they hold with two.

My kid is smart

Published November 4, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

I go to Walgreens today after picking him up from school and I had to get more adult diapers. I buy a pack of 40 and the pack is huge and has a handle on it and it’s heavy. I almost got wipes but decided I didn’t need them right now nor rash cream since I still have two full tubs of wipes and another small tube of rash cream. I also got Christmas versions of Recess Buttercup and Kit Kat bars, one each for my son and I. It would be so hypocritical of me if I got them for myself but not let my son get any.

I pay for my stuff and then in the car my son asked if he could hold the diapers. He still knew what they were despite no baby on the package and it only shows the diaper. He is one smart cookie. I told him “no” and said they were too heavy for him.

Published November 3, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

I did more Streetpassing the next day. I left my son home with his dad and only took our daughter with. I went to lot of McDonalds and only two of them had no Nintendo Zone and the other Best Buy didn’t even have theirs on that time like they did last time I was there. i did have some distractions like stopping at a Gamestop and bought a game got .89 and because there were people there trading, I had to stand and wait and my daughter started crying and I just stood there and waited and swung her carrier and tried rocking it but I knew she was hungry so that was why she was crying. I figured if people were so bothered by a crying baby, they will let me go next just to get me out of the store but I don’t think they were. The man working there made a comment about a baby crying while on the phone and I apologized about it and saying I had been waiting to pay so i could leave and he had been busy. Then my turn finally came and I paid and left and fed her in the car. Then I went to Krispy Kreme and had a half dozen and got stuffed. Then I hit more McDonalds and I got tired that way ad my daughter slept off and on and it rained out and I even got tagged while I was in my car because I was parked right in front of McDonalds so I didn’t even need to get out of my car. Then I went to my last McDonalds and then went to the flea market which was next door and the parking lot was packed. A car pulled out and I lucked out because I took that spot and then carried my daughter inside and looked around. It was just lot of stuff like clothes and shoes and handmade stuff and electronics and it was just like in Mexico. They played Mexican music and there were Mexicans there who were selling stuff. I did find a video game booth and looked and they were selling Nintendo DS games and they had some for five bucks and I have a five dollar bill on me so I bought a game. I had the lady there watching me as I looked as if I was going to steal some games. But I left when I paid and went home. I think the other fleamarket is better because they have more gaming booths and more booths that sell used stuff like antiques or second hand. The other market was more like something down in Mexico. That stuff seems more common down there. In the states, people will do their own culture and have stores about it like that flea market and people come in and look around and buy stuff. I got about 7 tags. I would do more streetpassing but I got too tire and it was evening so I was ready to come home.

National Streetpass Weekend

Published November 2, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

It wasn’t working on Halloween and it was finally turned on the next day so I went out and got some streetpasses but unfortunately I had to bring the kids with. My husband was sick and my mom was too and my dad was working and I didn’t want to put the burden on him so I took them with. It was hard because my son likes to run off and won’t stay with me and I often feeling like leashing him so I won’t keep calling him to come to me and chasing after me and when we got out of Best Buy, I was carrying my daughter in her carrier and my son starts running off towards traffic and I scream at him to stop and a woman behind me who was also coming out was gasping and said “God.” I assumed her reaction was about my son running out towards traffic and I had to scream to get his attention. Then I held his hand the rest of the way and he kept pulling from me and I kept grabbing him because I was upset he did that and felt angry at him about it. He kept saying sorry over and over and I just wanted to go home and I decided to give him one last chance and told him if he runs off again, we are going home. I stop at one last McDonalds and saw my son was nearly a sleep and decided that is the last stop and he wanted a Happy Meal and my husband did tell me to buy us dinner so I got myself a hamburger and got him his Happy Meal and I did my streetpass game again while he played with his toy but my daughter started fussing and crying so we left and I said he could finish his food in the car.

So I only got three McDonalds, 1 Best Buy which had no Nintendo Zone when it was supposed to. It’s hard doing it with kids, especially with a son who wants a Happy Meal or a cookie because we are at a McDonalds and he doesn’t understand what we are there even after explaining it to him for but at least I got some streetpasses and I am hoping to get more today and that I go without my son. My husband said he will try and watch him. I hope he is feeling better. He seemed to feel better. It’s easier with daughter because she is an infant. She is in her carrier and can just sleep and be carried around and babies like that. Plus I have boobs and she eats breastmilk. I figured I wouldn’t get much that day because of him. Kids get bored, they get all cranky and hyper and not listen, I get overwhelmed from it so I no longer have fun and I just want to go home, plus they get tired so it means it’s time to go home. But an infant can just sleep while a toddler you have to wake up to bring inside while the infant can still sleep because of the carrier they are in. Plus you can’t even leave them in the car for two minutes or five. It’s not the 1990′s where it was acceptable then and allowed. Today it’s child abuse and child endangerment and they will be taken if cops are called and then there are charges and losing custody. This is today, not my childhood. I can’t do everything that was done to me as a kid because times have changed.


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