Had a sick weekend

Published December 22, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

I am feeling better so I am online again. It all started on Saturday when I went to my employee Christmas party and my husband didn’t go because he was not feeling good. I left the kids home with him and went but before I started to at, I felt sick and my headache started and I felt nauseated so I couldn’t eat much. So I left before I ended up falling asleep at the table and I went to Big Lots and got a few Christmas presents and then I walked down to The Dollar Tree and bought some wrapping supplies including new wrapping paper. I was also chilled because I was sick so when I got home I put the stuff away and went to bed. My headache got real worse then and I felt I had to pee every few minutes. I rested for the rest of the day skipping dinner and my husband helped get a Molicare on me so I wouldn’t have to change and he got our daughter changed too and then dressed. It was a hard night because I couldn’t get any sleep and my daughter was keeping me up so I handed her to my husband. He was on his computer so if he is well enough to play the game, he is well enough to take care of our kid so I can get some sleep. I couldn’t do anything, it hurt when i got up, I felt like I was going to lose my balance, I couldn’t do computer or video games and my husband ended up handing her back to me because he wanted to play his fricken game and I was very sick. I even had to scoot down the stairs so I wouldn’t fall. But my parents were nice to take over so I could sleep. Our daughter was sick too so that was why she wouldn’t go to sleep and she just wanted to play so I put her in her crib so I wouldn’t fall asleep with her on my bed and she falls off.

Then the next day I was feeling better so I thought I might get to go to work and my mom told me to call in sick today. I am feeling better now. But as the day went on I started to get a headache again so I went to bed and my husband finally took care of our daughter and then around six in the morning he brought her in and she went right to sleep after she nursed but then I started to sweat buckets because of her body heat. My nose is clogged I can’t smell anything and my room smelled like piss the other night so my mom sprayed it and when I wasn’t peeing a lot anymore, so I changed into a cloth and threw my Molicare away outside where I put the diaper champ because it stunk like poo from my messy diaper. I got up around 2:47 PM.

I am going to see how well I will keep on doing and see if I should call in sick or not. Sometimes you are well but once you are on your feet and up, you start to feel worse again and getting a headache and then sore eyes. I hate getting these colds. I was also going to go to and look at Christmas lights on this lane but couldn’t because I wasn’t feeling good. Oh well maybe this coming weekend or on Christmas day or Friday when I am off work. I am going to have to check to make sure it’s still open in Christmas and after.

Got barged in on.

Published December 17, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

I was changing my diaper the other week and I was in my room alone and my son came in my room while I was putting on a clean cloth diaper and my son saw it and I yelled at him to get out. He closed the door and said in the hallway, “Mommy is getting her diaper changed.” Luckily my parents were not home. Perhaps I should put that toddler door knob on my door again as a lock.

I got real diapers again

Published December 16, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

Since they are going to quit making the plastic backed ones, I got Molicare Super Plus for 68 bucks on ebay and they came in three days. No more crappy diapers and I think I need to get more plastic pants again because my red pair is starting to break down and get stiff and it’s starting to poke my skin. It’s cracking in the leg area.

I finally got my Nintendo 3DS XL NES version. We got money so my husband decided to get it and I went to Gamestop and picked it up for him because his feet hurt too bad from Saturday from all that walking for Christmas shopping. But getting it had to be a the quickest trip I ever made in Gamestop ever. I already bought games from there so I didn’t need to look around again because there is nothing else there I want that is in my price range.

I finally ordered more diapers

Published December 11, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

Walgreens suck and I hear Molicare is going to discontinue the plastic so I ordered a case just now on ebay for 68 bucks since it’s the cheapest I can find for that. My husband doesn’t have to pay the whole credit card bill the following month and I used paypal credit so it’s separate and we can always pay the minimum if we can’t afford to pay it all. But it will all get paid off after this season ends. I think our kids have enough presents and I decided our son will only get two for his birthday, I got him a Spiderman backpack and Play Doh. I also got my daughter some clothes for winter since all her clothes are dresses and all she has are her pajamas to keep her warm so I found some winter clothes for her from dd Discounts and they were all cheap and brand new because it was a clearance store like Ross and TJ Maxx and I got her five outfits and decided to have them be her Christmas Present. My mom and husband thought they were all cute. But one of them was size 12 months and the rest were 6-9 months.

I also found a Nintendo 3DS game on ebay for 6 bucks from Target and it was brand new.  I love being frugal. It was Epic Mickey Power of Illusion. That was the cheapest price I ever saw for the game. But I still want a Nintendo 3DS XL but I have to wait.

I wonder how people stock up on diapers, do they wipe out their savings or use any extra money they have left over after all their bills are paid and food and gas?

Miss real disposable diapers

Published December 2, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

I miss the premium diapers so I plan on getting them soon and no more store bought diapers, they suck. I would have to wear two Walgreens diapers to make them good or otherwise wear plastic pants over them. My bottom has been sore from shaving and it always stings because the razor is too sharp so I know next time to not get those kind of blades. They were brand new, not dull and it’s been cutting my skin too easily and I even have a couple cuts on my legs.I just let my pubic hair grow out now and not shave in that area where it’s sore or it will really sting when pee hits it. I will still trim it and pluck at it at the top and sides. I can give the blades to my mom to use and buy new blades I normally use when I buy more rash cream and baby wipes. I plan on going to a medical shop that is close by for some adult diapers and I hope they will have good ones. Last time I was there at a different location, they had Tranquility ATNs. Those were good diapers too and didn’t leak when I last wore them. But I have been craving some thick diapers. All I have are my cloth ones and lot of my pants don’t fit over them except knit pants. I have half a bag left of those Walgreens diapers.

Published November 15, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

I have been wearing plastic pants over my Walgreens diaper and that diaper has brought something positive to it. Every night after I get home from work, my husband changes me but last night I had to do it myself because my mother in law and my brother in law came over. This is a brand I can consider if I ever run out of premium diapers or feel our money is tight. I went through two yesterday because my husband had an appointment and it lasted three hours and then I had to change when I got ready for work because it was wet in the back and it did leak into my plastic pants so I had to wipe out the wet spots. If this were a Tena Maxi Slip or an Abena XPlus or Molicare Super Plus, then I wouldn’t need changed.

Lot of ABs have a beef about cloth like diapers but I don’t so I can’t relate to them or understand the issues they have with them. My experience with them was never bad and I have never experienced what they experienced with cloth like. I just read in another blog by AB jane that Molicare Super Plus would be going cloth like. I would be willing to try them and I also want to try the cloth like Tena Slip but I haven’t seen any sold in the states yet. Oh wait I believe xpmedical has them but they are the basic slip. But they are cheaper than the Maxi but they don’t hold as much.

I just have something to think about now regarding Walgreens diapers. If I want more diaper changes, then I need to wear a cheaper diaper that holds less even if it means wearing plastic pants over them.


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