Wow for dumb Windows 7

Published October 16, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

Sometimes windows updates suck. They have messed up my computer in the past so I would always have it turned off when I lived in Montana. Well I have let them happen on our newer computers and things would stay the same. When it first updated after I got my computer fixed, I lost all my files and my stories and it turned out they were in another location on my computer. Today I come home after dropping my son off and I see my computer had restarted itself and had done another update but it said it couldn’t be completed because I never responded. What the? Then it said windows was successfully updated. I check my files again and they are still there but they were the way they were from the day I got my PC back and it was from July 30th. So I look under the computer again and user and admin and there they were again from this date. But now my Microsoft office 2010 won’t work and can’t get it to repair and I may have to remove the program and re install it but I am afraid it will mess up my files so I am using word pad. Luckily it lets me open them with word pad. Now I have to be more careful when I type because it doesn’t tell you when you do typos. I also can’t set a background for wallpaper. This is why I hate windows update, it gets all stupid and messes things up. But the good news is I got my pictures back I lost and hat annoying program desktop temperature monitor is gone. It was an adware I found annoying and I couldn’t remove it and it wouldn’t let me and it would take me to another website if I left a page untouched and it would sometimes happen while making a post so I had to be sure I kept copying the text for in case it happened but this dumb update really removed it and it was as if it reinstalled windows again and it kept the AVG program and yahoo messenger. I also backed up my files onto the external hard drive and I can use the mouse button again on my computer. I am not sure how long that will last because last time it only lasted a week or so before I had to use the mouse again and the speakers still don’t work. Now the browser isn’t slow anymore. It all feels like new like the day i got it back from the repair shop. I lost all my bookmarks sadly. I wonder if firefox will work now instead of it crashing all the time when my husband accidentally installed unwanted programs on it including the desktop temperature monitor. I was able to remove other programs but not this one. I wonder what happened.

Another stinky in one day

Published October 15, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

Remember when I wrote earlier today about pooping my diaper, I pooped my Tena when I went up to my room after I was done being downstairs watching TV and surfing the web on the Nintendo WiiU and I did the dishes. I knew I still had poop in me because not all of it came out so the rest finally came out this night. Now I am sitting in it enjoying the nice messy feeling.

Too late

Published October 15, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

I decided to order the Bambino variety case but they were out of stock. I should have done it a lot sooner. I knew they could go out of stock because they always do with their Bambino products and then they have to wait for more to come in. So I ordered a sample of the Teddies just to try them. I just wish more came in a case. I am still trying to decide what diapers to get. I could always go to Walgreens and get some since their diapers are good. I hope they haven’t changed them they are now worse. The Assurence were once good diapers sold by Wal Mart and then they changed them and the tabs wouldn’t stick so I had to use tape and they didn’t hold much so there went that diaper for me. Now they don’t sell the briefs anymore. I hate when diaper companies mess with our diapers making them worse. If I knew how, I would write a complaint to them. I did write a complaint to Bambinos once when I was hearing a bunch o critical comments about their diapers and how they don’t hold as much or how they are thinner or how they feel less comfortable. They have a website, the contact us button so I did that and complained hoping they were getting enough of them from others to make the diapers better again not worse.

Messy diaper change

Published October 15, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

I had on a Wings diaper and I pooped it when I got back from my son’s appointment. It was a little hard doing it because I had to push it out and then I stayed in it for about three hours. I also peed it two more times before deciding it’s time to change. I would say these diapers are average. Not good for an all day diaper because then you end up needing to change before you leak. I regret buying some now at Goodwill on Monday, they had a bunch and I assumed they were Wings but I always avoid cheap diapers because I always think they will leak easily. I decided to hold off getting some more disposables for now since I have plenty left, I have an unopened pack of Nu Fit and a half bag of Shop Ko brand and Wal Greens brand are pretty good. I only use them for work or when I go somewhere and won’t be gone long. I just don’t want a diaper that leaks after one or two wettings. Or I might order more since I like thick diapers. I am thinking of Bambino this time. I just feel money is tight right now is why and my husband says use my credit card. We can afford it but I just don’t feel like using the money right now because of license plates stickers we have to re new next month and a birthday party we got invited to, and at least I don’t have to buy my daughter or son’s costume this year. His still fits from last year and my mom in law got my daughter two costumes. So that is some extra money there we’re saving.

When I decided it was time for a diaper change, I brought the wipes and Tena Slip Maxi to the basement and asked my husband if he wanted to change me quick. He did and I told him I don’t mean sex and he said he knew that. He changes me and he nearly throws up because of the smell and I felt a little guilty but he told me it was all okay so I just stayed put while he cleans me up. He did nearly throw up several times and I decided I should bring the bucket down next time and dump the diapers out of it in the laundry sink but he said it was fine and he won’t throw up. It was a huge mess because I got it all over and it took a bunch of wipes to do it. I thought this would be the last time I ask him to change my messy diaper but he said it was fine and his stomach was just upset because he just woke up. I waited till one to get it done figuring he would be up for a while. But he had just gotten up he said because of a bad night and our son waking him up. Then he told me to bring up my dirty diaper and my other wet from from couple nights ago so I brought them both up in my arms and threw them away in the garage in the trash bag with my other used diapers.

Always Discreet

Published October 7, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

Yesterday I got a sample in the mail of that underwear Always introduced. They are pull ups for women with bladder leakage. I got a sample to try them because they have flowers on them. They came in the mail so fast and they were in three different sizes. S/M, L, and XL. I didn’t know what I was going to do with the two lager sizes and then today I decided I would use them as stuffers. I wore the S/M this morning and they all have a scent to them I wish adult diapers did too. The pull ups held well and it had no leaks when I took it off to get ready for work. I never flooded it, I just did my normal wettings in it which are short pees. The flowers disappear and the pull up gets thicker and it swells up. For work I put on the L and cut a slit in it and a bunch of little white things fall out. I think it’s the crystals that absorb the pee and hold it so I had to get a broom and sweep it and it was a lot. Then I put a Tena Slip Maxi on over the pull up so it will hold more. I still have on the same diaper. I think these pull ups are good as the Walgreens refastenable underwear. But I still prefer diapers with tabs.

Published October 5, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

My nephew turned three and they were going to have it at a place called Bulwinkles but my brother forgot to reserve so at the last minute my common sister in law had to plan a party at her house and she did construction theme. She baked a brownie cake, crushed a bunch of Oreos in the blender, got rock candy at Ross, got Balloons at Party City and had them blown up there. got some string and she decorated the cake and the Oreos were the gravel and she had fake Rocks on it too and used her son’s construction trucks as cake toppings and she had the number three on the cake made out of fake gravel and there were balloons everywhere and the kids were dressed like construction workers which was a coincidence. Their mother just likes those outfits so she had them on them and my nephew likes the fake construction hat he has so he was wearing it. My son had fun and I got to see my new nephew who is seven months. I saw the new toys my nephew got for his birthday and I set up the play tent my son got him and he also got this toy dirt bike for his birthday and he rode it outside and so did my son. Then we had cake and I only had one piece because I like real cake and this was just a brownie. My husband thinks this is his first time there but I know he was there for his second birthday and he just doesn’t remember. ¬†Our son was having so much fun he didn’t even want to leave. I spent most of my time playing Tappingo 2 on my Nintendo 3DS. I did all the puzzles finally. I also took lot of pictures.

Ex boyfriend sociopath?

Published October 5, 2014 by lifeasadiaperedmother

I went to Barnes and Noble to get some streetpasses and my son wanted to play with the Legos they have there. I saw a book on the table called The Sociopath Next Door so I decided to pick it up and read it. I started to read parts of it while my son was playing with the trains in the kid’s area. I was reading a short story about a woman named Sidney and her ex husband was named Luke. He was a charming guy, buying her flowers, taking her out, he seemed very sweet and Sidney ignored the fact he was in many failed relationships and all the woman had left him. They were married within eight months and then she got pregnant and her husband was distant about the pregnancy. Sidney gets told it’s normal and men are distant at first but Luke never settled in about it and after the baby came, he still wanted nothing to do with his son so when Sidney returns to work, she had to hire a baby sitter because she knew Luke wouldn’t take care of him. Sidney gets tired of no relationship with him in their marriage and him ignoring her too they divorced and he still came to her apartment and hung out as if he still lived there. He was starting to be with his son more but she got told he is in love with her apartment, not her or his son. So Sidney started to tell him to leave and scream at him to leave and he gets tears in his eyes and then their son gets upset because daddy is upset and doesn’t want to leave. Talk about manipulation. Then she eventually moves out of Florida to get away from him and was seeing the current psychologist who wrote this book I read. The thing about Luke was he had no conscious, he was a user so he relied on other people for support and being cared for. He had a job but quit after he married Sidney. It made me think of my ex boyfriend. He seemed fine at first, wanted to work really so he went around applying for jobs and I took him to them and helped him fill out the applications for him and took him to drop them off. He got a job at McDonalds. But within a couple weeks it started to change, he never studied to get his driver’s license so my parents quit giving him rides to work, he complained about his job, complained how “retarded” it was to pay to live and to pay bills, gas prices were “retarded” then eating to live was “retarded.” I was his meal ticket and he depended on other people. I thought his whole family was heartless for not wanting him around and not wanting him to stay with them when his parents move to Wyoming and he didn’t want to leave Montana. But I found out why as weeks went by. My mom told me she didn’t think he was capable to care for others or to think of others, he only cared for himself. Then when I dumped him, he was all of a sudden sad and feeling sorry for himself and calling himself a screw up and said I gave up on him. gave up on him? He didn’t even want to change, he just wanted me to be his mommy and wanted me to be his schoeffer (not sure how to spell the word, it’s what a limo driver is) because it was “cheaper” if I took him everywhere than having his own car and filling it up every time it gets empty, and he had excuses for everything to not do something like getting a job or why I should keep taking him to work or why he didn’t want to work for three weeks, (he got fired for that reason). He just didn’t want to find any solutions to his problems when I would try and help him. Was he a sociopath?


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